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How Virtual Training Empowers Remote Teams for Higher Performance

By February 23, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
How Virtual Training Empowers Remote Teams for Higher Performance

As we find ourselves in a world no longer confined by geographical boundaries, more and more companies find themselves looking to expand their horizons by incorporating global talent that can help them execute their processes more efficiently while reducing their overall operations cost.   

As borders dissipate and virtual collaboration opens up the doors to new talent pools, a corresponding need has arisen for effective virtual training services that help corporations build specialized remote teams for carrying out internal operations.   

Due to the short time frame for live deployment in the fast-paced BPO industry, it can be quite a challenge to build a team of well-trained employees with a functional knowledge of how to execute a specific process for a particular client or project. 

Any virtual training services that are designed to train and build successful remote teams need to confront the dual challenges of training a specialized team in a short span of time while ensuring that their performance meets and even exceeds the client’s expectations.   

The need of the hour is to create responsive training regimes that are supported by an effective online collaboration system for skill development and training. Apart from providing effective training, these services also need to be backed by effective tools for remote collaboration to bridge the gap between the client and their remote team.    

ARDEM offers advanced collaboration features via our proprietary, cloud-based collaboration platform, the ARDEM Collaboration Platform for easy data sharing and uploading alongside the live-reporting features.    

Let’s discover how ARDEM offers superior virtual training services that guarantee a successful remote collaboration.  

 The ARDEM Advantage  

Discover the ARDEM Advantage in virtual training with our superior solutions.

ARDEM recruits and trains skilled talent with adaptable skills as per standard industry practices for high-performance results. Using our virtual training platform, we evaluate and revamp operations to boost productivity and efficiency. This eliminates risk and allows us to build our clients fully-trained teams that are ready to provide effective back-office support.  

Our services are designed to help you reduce in-house errors, free up your internal staff, and focus on what you do best. Our team will take care of the rest! 

Here’s how ARDEM builds customized virtual training services for each client’s outsourcing needs.  

Our Virtual Training Services

Discover how ARDEM builds customized virtual training services for its clients.
  • ARDEM’s team adopts a strategy of constant communication with you and your team to gain a thorough understanding of your existing processes, immediate requirements and future goals. 
  • Once we have gleaned a complete understanding of your current process, we will sit down to engineer and propose an upgraded workflow to maximize efficiency.  
  • Our intelligent developers will then proceed to create a replica of your current system on our platform which will be utilized for training all employees. 
  • We will hire and train your team as per a prescribed workflow tailored to meet your processing requirements. 
  • The metrics of each user are reviewed to ensure they measure up to our quality standards. Any analysts that do not meet our performance criteria are re-trained to improve and only moved to the live process once they meet our expected standards. 
  • Once the team has reached the predetermined level of expertise, we move our analysts to the live process and deliver quality performance in your system. 
  • The training process is further optimized to grow your team as your need grows. 
  • The performance of the current team is constantly monitored to ensure consistency and all feedback received is incorporated in real-time as we work to continuously improve our performance.   

If you would like to discuss your virtual training requirements and discover how we can help you build a high-performance remote setup for a successful collaboration, get in touch with us for a free consultation today!