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Riding the Remote Work Wave 

By June 24, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
Riding the Remote Work Wave

Despite all warnings, COVID-19 hit the world hard and fast and as unprepared as we were, we all have had to switch to remote work with very little notice or preparation. 

Collaborating effectively while working remotely presents a wide array of challenges in sharing relevant data and work instructions on time. Even now that the lockdown has ended and the economy is slowly but steadily resuming the regular state of affairs, things may not go back to normal immediately.

Companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have stated that most of their workforce will be working from home till 2021. This precedent has been followed by many others. The pandemic is still spreading at an alarming rate and every day we hear news of a fresh spike in cases or new clusters being discovered. It’s important to stay safe and opt for remote working unless stepping out is absolutely essential. 

Now let’s take a moment from the current scenario and focus on the wave of remote working. While the sudden shift to remote working may have been abrupt,  it wasn’t a completely unfamiliar concept. From working moms to freelancers, a considerable portion of the American workforce was already working remotely. The mass shift to remote working has created a corresponding need for collaborative tools and virtual platforms. 

Since working remotely is still the primary choice in the post-pandemic world, here’s how ARDEM can help you ride the remote work wave:

Structured Supervision

Remote work requires an effective system of structured supervision.

Working remotely calls for a structured system of supervision that ensures that team members across departments are monitored efficiently to ensure uniformity and consistency. 

You need to structure a system of daily check-ins, regular conferences and scheduled meetings that help you keep tabs on who is doing what. Staying in touch with your team also helps reassure them and lets you know about any hurdles they might be facing.

Our virtual workplace, the ARDEM Collaboration Platform helps you stay connected with your team members via email, chat, and even has video call capabilities. You can further review the status of your projects in real-time and follow up on issues related to your assignment or even update work instructions. Get in touch with us and discover how to manage your remote teams effectively

Effective Collaboration Tools for Remote Work

You need effective collaboration tools for remote work.

Collaborating with remote workers requires effective tools that allow you to share data and instructions instantly. Our digital platform further enables you to manage remote work assignments for your team, upload documents to secure folders and even download output files.

Just upload the selected files or drag and drop them into a specified folder. Similarly, all you need to do to download output files is just point and click.

Once you provide us with your requirements we will create a workspace on our cloud server for you. You can then log in securely using the unique credentials shared with you to manage projects, follow their progress in real-time and stay connected. 

Building Links between Virtual Coworkers

You need tools to build links between virtual coworkers.

Working remotely presents a lot of challenges, including building office camaraderie between co-workers when everyone is working remotely from their homes. 

This means you don’t just need to ensure that you stay in touch with your team, you further need to ensure that your team members are also in touch with each other, talking and collaborating to finish projects on time. 

Apart from ensuring easy communication channels, co-workers need to interact socially as well. Knowing their co-workers helps promote a spirit of teamwork and builds personal relationships that increase the possibility of co-workers coming to each other’s aid when required. 

Easy Access for Remote Work

Remote work needs easily accessible digital platforms.

Any technology that claims to make your remote working easier also needs to be easily accessible. This is exactly what makes our collaboration platform stand apart from others as you don’t need to download any software or any special apps. Just open your regular browser and type in the address. It’s that simple. 

We further provide you with login credentials that help you log in securely and access your personalized dashboard. The same goes for your team members, they too, can easily access the platform or just forward emails to the platform. 

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform offers you a fully-integrated digital workspace.

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform is more than just a digital workspace that can come to your rescue during the current scenario of remote work. It is the future digital workplace that allows you to leverage global talent and allocate non-core functions to talented remote teams across the globe. 

Our all-inclusive cloud-based platform further allows you to view the status of your projects in real-time and even customize dashboards to view the metrics that yield actionable insights. Remote work starts with our cloud-based solution that allows you to stay connected and manage remote teams from anywhere. 

The ARDEM Invoice Manager

The ARDEM Invoice Manager helps you streamline your AP and invoice processing.

The ARDEM Invoice Manager (AIM) allows you to gain better visibility to improve your accounts payable and invoice processing. The platform, specifically designed for this purpose comes with simple and customizable features. The dashboard provides you with an overall view of all of your current invoices. 

You can check the number of invoices received, their processing stage and optimize your payment process accordingly. The dashboard can also be customized to view different trends including everything from the number of PO to non-PO invoices received monthly, to how many invoices you have received throughout the entire year.

The ARDEM Survey Manager

The ARDEM Survey Manager helps collate data from survey forms.

Processing large volumes of surveys can be quite a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Not to mention that a considerable number of challenges are raised due to the variance between surveys that are conducted online and surveys that are handwritten. 

We combine advanced data capture technology and effort-based capture to increase accuracy, shorten the turnaround time, and reduce costs to uniformly deliver data. 

Using the ARDEM Survey Manager, you can easily upload your surveys to be automatically ingested into the processing cycle. Data is then is extracted from all surveys along with any open-ended questions responses. The collated survey data can then be easily downloaded in the preferred file type and be easily ingested into your system.

The ARDEM Utility Manager

The ARDEM Utility Manager helps automate and streamline your utility bill processing.

Utility bill processing is a complicated yet essential task that must be performed by every organization irrespective of industry. The challenges of utility bill processing lie in the difficulties that arise due to different service providers. We combine advanced data capture technology and data entry methodology to streamline your utility bill processing by increasing accuracy, reducing cycle time and lowering your costs by supporting all utility bill formats.

You also gain access to your very own workspace on the ARDEM Utility Manager, where you can easily upload your utility bills. Once the bills are received they immediately enter the processing cycle and you can view the progress of all received utility bills in real-time.

Throughout the entire automated processing cycle, data from utility bills are extracted into a flat-file, which is later made available for download in your preferred file type for convenience.

Advanced Security Features

Remote work platforms must offer advanced security features.

ARDEM’s collaboration platforms are extremely secure as the cloud server is provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) with strict security protocols in place along with the latest SSO protocols. We further deploy additional features like single sign-on and a series of additional security measures. 

 We’re ISO27001 certified and ensure security at three main levels; physical, network, and employee. We also implement encryption protocols including VPNs, SSLs, during file transfer and at rest. Our internal security measures restrict access to secure data and we further ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

Virtual Training

Virtual training is a must for remote work.

As you build strong remote teams, training new employees is extremely crucial for successful incorporation. Once we understand the details of your current process, our team will propose a new workflow. ARDEM’s intelligent developers then create a replica of your current system on our platform which will be utilized for training all employees.

Once we have mirrored your system in our virtual environment, each step of your process is recreated to train employees. Training can easily be monitored with dashboards to view the progress of every employee for every single task.

We further use real-time metrics to identify if certain employees need re-training and ensure all employees reach a certain level of efficiency. 

We also develop a quality assurance plan and each employee is further trained and monitored to remove risk prior to interfacing with your system.

So, as the world discovers the advantage of remote working. Don’t get left behind. ARDEM can help the transaction to remote work go smoother for both you and your team. We can also help you hire and train new teams that let you outsource everyday processes while improving efficiency and driving down your costs. 

Schedule a free consultation for your business with ARDEM today!