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Looking for an Effective Way to Work from Home? We have a Cloud-Based Solution for You!

By March 25, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
Looking for an Effective Way to Work from Home? We have a Cloud-Based Solution for You!

As the world faces the biggest health crisis since the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, we need to stay strong and come together as a community to combat COVID-19 and keep our loved ones safe. This means practising social distancing and opting for work from home as required. 

The first and most important thing to do is to not give in to the panic and mass hysteria and to follow the official WHO Guidelines for prevention and safety. Another thing to keep in mind during these trying times is to trust information only from reliable sources and to not credit every piece of information circulating on social media. 

While the outbreak of COVID-19 has created many challenges, a major problem being faced by many across the world is the challenge of how to conduct essential business processes as they work from home. 

In today’s age of instant connectivity and cross-collaboration across cities, countries and even continents, you need advanced solutions that enable real-time coordination across geographical distances and time zones. The need for effective collaboration with remote teams becomes even more crucial in light of the current situation as cases of COVID-19 witness a sharp spike in numbers across the world.

Use the ARDEM Collaboration Platform to manage Remote Teams

So, as the world shrinks to the confines of your home and everyone maintains their distance to curtail the further spread of this pandemic, the situation calls for an urgent solution to the problem of managing remote work teams as more and more people opt for work from home. 

Furthermore, as a business owner or senior manager, you are faced with a conundrum during these trying times. On one hand, you need to stay isolated for the sake of public health and safety and further ensure the well-being of your employees by letting them work from home. 

However, on the other hand, you also need to keep your business growing for the sake of economic stability. Experts across the world are already estimating a tremendous loss of business and jobs across multiple sectors and industries with the impact of the current pandemic resonating across businesses and industries for at least the next 2 years. 

At ARDEM, we have an advanced technological solution that offers some relief to the current crisis. Our cloud-based collaboration platform enables you to coordinate with remote teams managing different departments, all from the safety of your own home. 

The ARDEM Solution That Helps You Work from Home

Manage remote teams from home using the ARDEM Collaboration Platform.

Today’s world requires businesses to adopt a modern and efficient approach in order to deal with the constant upheaval of the modern age. This can be achieved through the use of smart technology, robust processes and the right people to enhance visibility, improve accuracy, productivity, and cut overall operational costs.

With ARDEM Technology, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and optimized processes to design the best outsourcing solutions that are customized to your specific needs. We have automated and enhanced countless processes across a range of industries including:

  1. Finance and Accounting 
  2. Healthcare and Life Sciences 
  3. Government 
  4. Retail
  5. Logistics
  6. Manufacturing and more

ARDEM Data Capture 

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform uses advanced data capture technology to process your data remotely.

ARDEM Data Capture employs advanced technologies like optical character recognition (OCR) technology, machine learning and advanced high-speed scanners to scan, convert and process your documents. 

Once your documents have been scanned, uploaded and converted into searchable formats, our recognition technology seamlessly maps relevant data into corresponding fields. 

ARDEM Automation

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform employs robotic process automation to streamline business processes.

Our team of highly skilled data scientists, engineers, and developers have combined the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation along with our extensive industry experience to create the magic behind the ARDEM Automation platform. 

Utilizing the latest in Machine Learning and AI technologies, documents are read and run through data validation to ensure the highest data accuracy.  In case a field is blank or missing, ARDEM Automation automatically interprets and makes edits to ensure that all fields are filled out swiftly and accurately.

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform

Our cloud-based collaborative platform offers you an overview dashboard for real-time insights.

The ARDEM Collaboration platform is a cloud-based workspace where you can work from home and manage remote teams while keeping an eye on the status of your work in real-time. After all, come what may- “the show must go on.”

For a nominal monthly subscription fee, you get access to a workspace on our cloud server. The cloud server is provided by Amazon Web Services with strict security protocols in place. Each user has a secure login protocol that employs the latest SSO protocols to ensure secure access.

How It Works:

  • Once you are connected to the workspace you can upload or simply drag and drop your work documents for processing to the secured folders. 
  • You can then chat with your account representative to describe the work you want your team to do. 
  • You can further interact with your team members, review the status of your project, leave new instructions, and also follow up on issues related to your assignment.
  • You can also monitor the progress made on your data in real-time on our dashboards with customizable views. This helps you monitor team performance against the defined metrics. 
  • Our platform also enables you to manage work assignments for your team.
  • You can also send emails or any additional documents as attachments.
  • You can also have your team forward emails to this platform. We will sort and categorize them as required. 

However, that’s not all, you can use the ARDEM Collaboration Platform for. Our cloud-based management platform allows you to outsource several essential business processes and manage remote teams for real-time processing and insights. 

Sample Use Case #1: Manage Accounts Payable from Home


Manage your accounts payable while working from home.

Working from home doesn’t mean that you cannot take stock of all your bills and process your accounts payable

You can now complete your accounts payable function remotely as our collaboration platform also allows you to upload and process your invoices, bills and so much more.

All you need to do is send a request to There is a nominal monthly fee of $9.99/month that gives you access to the ARDEM Collaboration platform. This basic fee is waived for 12 months or longer once the contracts are signed.

How It Works:

  • ARDEM will send you login credentials.
  • From there, you can log in to the ARDEM Collaboration Manager (ACM).
  • You are now able to chat with your ARDEM Project Owner regarding your scope requirements, delivery requirements, and performance expectations.
  • Drag and drop your vendor bills to ACM or simply have your vendors send their bills directly to ACM. 
  • ARDEM uses a combination of Data Entry, Data Capture, Automation, Machine Learning and AI technologies to process your work.
  • The dashboards available on ACM give you a window into your processing in real-time. 
  • Reports, as defined in the scope of work, are created and shared by ARDEM.
  • Output data files, as required, are available for download.
  • APIs are further built in to optimize and streamline your accounts payable processing, all this is achieved remotely through advanced cloud-based technologies. 

Sample Use Case #2: Assign Data Mining Requirements


Assign your data mining requirements to a remote team and get real-time updates with ACM.

As everyone withdraws from public spaces and you find fewer resources at your disposal,  it may seem like the world is truly coming to a standstill. However, on the contrary, the current situation is causing drastic upheavals and increasing the demand for certain services like healthcare and sanitation among others. 

This creates the need to capture, process and mine every last bit of incoming data in order to derive a true picture of the changes happening and how it will affect your industry and more specifically, your organization. 

All you need to do to assign your data mining requirements is to send a request to  The monthly fee of $9.99/month for access to the ARDEM Collaboration platform will be waived for contracts of 12 months and longer once the documents have been signed. 

How It Works:

  • You receive login credentials from ARDEM. 
  • Use them to log in to the ARDEM Collaboration Manager (ACM). 
  • You can then discuss your scope of work, delivery requirements and performance expectations with your Project Manager at ARDEM. 
  • The ARDEM Analysts will then go to the required sites and collect the data for you.
  • ARDEM Analysts perform data validation and verification as required under your scope requirements.
  • ARDEM uses a combination of Data Entry, Data Capture, Advanced  Automation, Machine Learning and AI technologies to complete your work.
  • You also get access to dashboards on the ARDEM Collaboration platform that provide you with a clear window into your processing.
  • Reports, as defined in the scope of work, are produced and shared by ARDEM.
  • Output data files as required are available for download.
  • APIs are built-in as per your industry requirements to further streamline your data entry and mining services

Sample Use Case #3: Process Your Utility Bills as You Work From Home

Get your utility bills processed by remote teams as you work from home.

Managing a remote work team while you work from home doesn’t just present a new set of challenges but also creates a demand for smarter resources and smarter solutions. 

One such resource that also acts as a solution is the ARDEM Collaboration platform that enables you to perform a string of essential business processes including utility bill management by employing the perfect combination of human interaction and advanced technologies. 

You can easily avail our utility bill management services by simply sending a request to There is a nominal monthly fee of $9.99/month for access to the ARDEM Collaboration platform which is waived for all 12-month and longer contracts once they are signed.

How It Works:

  • You receive your login credentials from ARDEM.
  • You log in to the ARDEM Collaboration Manager (ACM)
  • You can then chat with your ARDEM Project Owner and define your scope of work, delivery requirements, performance expectations, etc. 
  • Next, you need to simply drag and drop your utility bills to ACM.
  • If required, you can even have ARDEM go and collect the utility bills from the utility site.
  • We then use a combination of Data Entry, Data Capture, Advanced Automation, Machine Learning and AI technologies to process your work.
  • You also get access to Dashboards on the ACM that enable you to view the processing details in real-time. You can further customize the dashboard view to see analytics as per your convenience. 
  • All Reports as defined in the scope of work are compiled and shared by ARDEM.
  • Output data files as required are available for download.
  • Based on the feedback received and our own analysis, we integrate APIs to further enhance and streamline your utility bill processing. 

So, if you have been searching for a reliable partner to help you manage all your internal processes from home, rest assured that your search ends here. The possibilities of the tasks that can be accomplished with the ARDEM Collaboration Platforms are endless.

With ARDEM Incorporated, you get to define your own rules and work within your workspace. You can now interact with your team, manage the flow of work and get the results you need. We simply give you access to a smart, analytical team along with the technology and tools that you need to manage them remotely. 

Give your business the ARDEM Advantage today! Get in touch with us to discover the best solution for your business.