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Why Law Firms are looking at Outsourcing Companies for Custom Solutions?

By November 8, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments
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One of the greatest challenges in the legal profession is time. With continual new developments, deadlines and time constraints, lawyers should outsource their back office requirements.

ARDEM offers exceptional back-office support to legal firms. Legal process outsourcing is customized depending on the size and administrative prerequisite of the firm.

Legal process outsourcing is an excellent way to improve efficiency in the organization. It helps in-house professionals to focus on the core competencies while the paralegal and management tasks are taken care of. 

According to a survey by Global Market Insights, it anticipates the legal market size to grow at a 22% compound annual growth rate through 2027. 

ARDEM provides custom solutions for various functions like accounting and finance, data entry processes, data mining etc.

Services Outsourced for Custom Solutions:


online laptop paperwork

This process comprises a series of steps that include the identification of data, collection and preservation of data and processing of data for reviewing during litigation. E-discovery helps law firms to prepare for a trial with the relevant data at hand.

It allows legal practitioners to focus more on core areas of function as they outsource data-related tasks. ARDEM provides customized data mining and data extraction services to legal organizations. The highest quality of data collated from various sources is available for law firms. Data is screened at multiple levels by providing validity checks to ensure accuracy and ensure quality.

Finance and Accounting

Law firms and legal practitioners can outsource their finance and accounting functions. Delegating this responsibility to a third party enables a reduction in costs for maintaining in-house employees.

Custom accounting services provide invoice processing, invoice data entry services, data entry from utility bills etc. ARDEM provides robust processes, intelligent tools and a skilled workforce to customize and manage the finance and accounting functions.

Legal Research

Effective legal research is necessary to support legal decision-making. An outsourced professional team enables lawyers to gain access to customized services like legal drafting, compliance management, risk assessment etc. ARDEM specializes in providing services that include legal research and analysis for more accuracy and easier data management.

Administration and Back-Office Support

Outsourcing administration and back office support services, enable law firms to do what they know rather than putting hours of work and labor force into repetitive and mundane tasks. ARDEM provides complete back-office support services for streamlining your back-end processes and ensuring high-quality output.

Legal Data Entry and Management

The legal profession involves dealing with an abundance of data on a day-to-day basis. Contracting out data entry and management tasks can help a law firm save a significant portion of time and labor costs. ARDEM provides customized solutions for data management, resorting to high-quality data and accuracy.


ARDEM offers customized data extraction services, data mining, document processing and data processing services for legal organizations. ARDEM offers comprehensive accounting services to law firms so they can function accurately.

ARDEM provides Back-Office Support Services and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for organizations. It helps visibly reduce the turnaround time and improve customer satisfaction. For more information please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.