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Presenting the Digital Workplace of the Future-The ARDEM Collaboration Platform

By April 8, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
The ARDEM Collaboration Platform-The Future Digital Workplace

While we may be dealing with the resonating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for the next 2 years to come, one of the biggest changes the current situation has brought about is the increased demand from businesses for a digital workplace that is suited to their needs.

The ongoing crisis and the corresponding need for social distancing have led to an immediate switch to remote working systems in order to ensure that businesses keep functioning in the midst of the quarantine. 

However, this is also expected to impact the future demand for flexible, digital workplaces. As borders shrink and connectivity expands, we will see the rise of a specialized workforce working in different locations across states, countries and even continents. These dynamic workplaces will be supported by equally dynamic technology platforms integrated with the latest software applications and tools for easy access and collaboration.

A digital workplace allows you to manage remote teams from anywhere in the world.

The rise of the digital workplace is also giving rise to several questions: 

What will be the values and policies governing such workspaces? What will be the work culture of such places? How will you be able to measure productivity with remote workplaces? 

The solution to all these problems lies in cloud-based technology solutions that allow us to address all of the above concerns and more. 

However, before we dive into the world of digital workplaces and the factors that shape them, let’s find out what makes a digital workplace

What is a Digital Workplace?

A digital workplace is an integrated technology platform that enables collaboration across the world.

A digital workplace is essentially an integrated technology platform that acts as the equivalent of a physical office by providing software tools that enable people to collaborate from remote locations.

A digital platform further allows all employees to access the required applications and data wherever they are from any device. The information is either stored via cloud services or on remote servers and can be accessed through the digital platform. 

A successful digital workplace promotes instant online collaboration across remote systems along with benefits including navigation extensions to the latest tools, resource libraries, and updated work schedules.

Here are the key features of these intelligent workspaces and the policies that need to be in place for the future:

The Digital Workplace: Culture and Communication

Digital workspaces give rise to new office culture and communication channels.

As the traditional workplace undergoes a digital transformation, it will also witness the rise of a new work culture that will drastically change the flow of internal communication. 

These virtual working environments will enable companies to leverage large pools of talent, with the result that several members of a team may be residing in different cities or countries bringing diverse cultures and repositories of knowledge under one digital roof. 

The physical distance can be easily traversed by a strong internal communication channel that ensures all team members and team leaders are in constant connection with each other and able to receive automated updates on the latest developments in the company or specific project. 

This is expected to give rise to a work culture that promotes visibility and clear channels of transparency in work culture. Companies will further need to create intercultural communication and online team-building skills. 

Robust Ecosystems Build Smart Digital Workplaces 

We must create a robust digital ecosystem for the workplaces of the future. 

Experts cannot emphasize enough about how important it is to create a robust digital ecosystem for the digital workspaces of the future. 

The next question automatically is: What makes a strong ecosystem for virtual workspaces?

A robust digital platform must be extendable, i.e., it must be capable of adding new tools or features along with modifying the capabilities of its existing features without compromising the primary codebase.  

Other features of a robust digital workplace include: 

  • Desktop virtualization
  • Single sign-on 
  • Shift schedules
  • File sharing resources 
  • Document resource libraries
  • Ticketing systems to track client requests and status updates
  • Live Chat feature for open communication
  • Automated workflow automation

Digital Workplaces Promote and Enable Collaboration

Digital workplaces must have integrated technology and tools for effective collaboration.

As the world switches over to the digital modes of working, companies need to apply scalable collaboration tools that enable cooperation between employees in different time zones and network areas. 

The biggest challenge is to create effective collaboration tools that help build bridges between employees, clients, and partners. 

An efficient collaboration platform should offer both clients and project managers the ability to oversee and manage remote teams in real-time. Open communication and easy data sharing channels are also essential. 

Therefore, we can confidently say that effective collaboration will be the driving force behind these workplaces of the future. 

Seamless Connectivity is Essential for Digital Workplaces

A seamless network connection is an absolute necessity for a digital workplace. 

Just like a well-equipped space is essential for a traditional desk office, a seamless network connection is an absolute necessity for a virtual workspace. 

In order to truly enjoy the full benefits of these transformational workplaces, you need to provide your team with a secure, ubiquitous network that provides connectivity to all employees at remote locations. Additionally, you also need to integrate your network with all clients and partners to enable open 2-way communication channels and real-time feedback.

When we talk about the route to the workplace of the future, seamless connectivity paves the way for success. 

Employees Need to Learn New Skill Sets in a Digital Workplace

Working digitally also means learning to work with new technology and unfamiliar collaboration tools. 

Working digitally also means learning to work with new technology and unfamiliar collaboration tools. 

Therefore, you need a team that has an analytical bent of mind and is willing to learn and adapt to new skill-sets. 

The ability to adapt to new ways of working is no longer an option but rather a necessity for the digital workplaces of the future. 

At ARDEM, we offer you a team of qualified experts with deep industry knowledge and extensive problem-solving skills. Our analysts have a background in computer science, software engineering, and coding, and are easily able to adapt to the latest software and technologies. 

Upgraded Security Features Help Protect Digital Workplaces 

You need to create new protocols for data security while working with remote teams. 

As data is saved and accessed via cloud services, you also need to take additional steps to protect your data from the threat of increased cyberattacks. Therefore, you need to create new protocols for data security while working with remote teams. 

At ARDEM, we use the latest technology to secure our cloud-based collaboration platforms. Our collaboration platforms use the cloud server provided by Amazon Web Services with strict security protocols in place. 

The security measures include identity and access management features that enable admins to define and restrict data. The platform also uses machine learning to secure and protect sensitive data.

In fact, there are a series of encryption and security protocols in place on the part of both Amazon and ARDEM Incorporated to secure your data.

Back Your Contingency Plans with a Reliable Digital Workplace

Keeping in the mind the current situation, you need to create contingency plans for future emergencies.

In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the world will be an entirely different place with companies preparing contingency plans in case of future pandemics. 

These include back-up plans for the following situations: 

  • Mass sick leave 
  • Travel restrictions
  • Scalable remote working platforms

You need to have measures in place to ensure that you can continue working while managing remote teams in similar situations so that your business does not suffer, regardless of what the future holds.

ARDEM Collaboration Platform-The Future Digital Workplace 

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform offers you a fully-integrated digital workspace.

Keeping in mind the rising demand for digital workspaces, we have designed our very own proprietary digital workplace

The ARDEM Collaboration platform is a cloud-based remote workspace that enables you to work from home and manage remote work teams while keeping an eye on the status of your project in real-time. 

How Our Digital Workplace Works:

Access to a workspace on our cloud server is provided. The standard monthly subscription fee is waived for all contracts of 12 months and above. 

  • ARDEM will send you the login credentials to your workspace.
  • Once you log in and are connected to the workspace you can upload or simply drag and drop your work documents for processing to secure folders. 
  • You can then chat with your account representative to describe the scope of work.
  • You can further interact with your team members, review the status of your project, leave new instructions, and also follow up on issues related to your assignment.
  • You can also monitor the progress made on your data in real-time on our dashboards to monitor team performance against the defined metrics. 
  • Our platform also enables you to manage work assignments for your team.
  • You can also send or forward emails and any additional documents as attachments. 
  • APIs are further built in to optimize and streamline your process, all this is achieved remotely through advanced cloud-based technologies. 

The ARDEM Advantage

Easy Communication

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform allows you to interact with your team via email, chat or video call. 

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform allows you to interact with your team members via email, chat or video call. 

Once you have received your credentials, you can log in and chat with your Project Manager regarding your scope of work and discuss your delivery requirements and performance expectations. You further get a clear window into your processing in real-time and advanced feedback features that enable honest and successful collaboration.

Live Feedback

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform provides a clear window into the management of your project.

Our collaboration platform also provides users with a clear window into their project, wherein they can review the current status and provide feedback to their project manager in real-time. 

In fact, our live feedback feature also allows you to leave comments and new instructions directly on a file or assignment. Once the feedback or any new instructions have been received, our team jumps into action, integrating client requirements into the ongoing process in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Upload and Share Data

You can upload and share data directly via the ARDEM Collaboration Platform.

Our digital platform also makes it easier for you to share data for processing. 

You can simply upload all data that needs to be processed into the secure folders on our cloud platform.

Or just drop and drop to share all the files with your ARDEM Team. 

Wait, there’s more! You can also have your team forward emails to the platform, our team will sort and categorize them as required. 

You can even forward us your physical documents in bulk and we will scan the documents and process them for you!

Your ARDEM Team

We offer you a multinational talent pool of qualified experts with multiple skills and industry experience. 

We offer you a multinational talent pool comprising qualified experts with multiple skills and deep industry experience. 

Our experts have optimized and automated thousands of processes across several sectors. We provide outsourcing solutions across finance and accounting; healthcare and life sciences; government, insurance, legal, manufacturing, logistics, and retail sectors. 

Our team prides itself on incorporating new technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced automation alongside cloud services to create original and contemporary solutions. 


Experience advanced workflow automation with our proprietary automation bots, i.e., the ARDEM Bots.

Another major advantage that you enjoy when partnering with ARDEM is that you get to experience advanced workflow automation with our proprietary automation bots, i.e., the ARDEM Bots. 

We use a combination of data entry, data capture, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide faster processing that produces high-accurate data. 

Once made searchable, our recognition technologies seamlessly map relevant data into corresponding fields. Our advanced algorithms create intelligent relationships between data, eliminate errors and generate uniform output assuring accurate datasets that yield actionable insights. 

As the volume of data being processed increases, our ARDEM Bots also boost efficiency to increase accuracy and reduce turnaround times. Over the course of years, we have updated and perfected our robotic process automation technology,  producing data that is 99.97% accurate. 

Dashboards for Real-Time Insights

Our dashboards provide you with a complete overview of your project.

The dashboards on the ARDEM Collaboration Platforms provide you with a complete overview of your project including the progress made and the processes being conducted in real-time. 

The dashboards also offer customizable views that enable you to view the analytics of your choice. This, in turn, allows you to measure the team performance against defined metrics. 

We also share regular reports as defined in the initial scope of work to keep you apprised of the current status of your project. 

ARDEM delivers the best solutions by utilizing the best people, processes, and technologies. 

We are a leading business process automation company that provides cost-effective business process/growth solutions to businesses and organizations for improved performance. 

Our fully managed solutions help lower your processing costs, mitigate risk and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the curve.