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Outsourcing Data Solutions for Business Ease

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Data Solutions Outsourcing

Data solutions include collecting, storing, and processing an organization’s day-to-day data and information. Organizations collect data in different formats and from various sources – from structured, numeric data to unstructured text documents, emails, etc. You must want real-time data insights that empower businesses with predictive and informed strategies and increase operational efficiency. To enhance productivity, most companies prefer data outsourcing or data solutions

Data Outsourcing Meaning

Data outsourcing can be described as a data management paradigm wherein an organization shares its responsibility with a third-party service provider. Data is outsourced to external professionals who offer data management functionalities.

Data Outsourcing Services / Data Solutions

Most organizations rely on outside professionals to capitalize on data value. It enables companies to identify the areas of mismanagement and loss and act accordingly. A data outsourcing service provider helps organizations mainly with the following services:

1. Data Mining Services

Data mining refers to analyzing raw data. Organizations need data from various physical and digital sources, including the internet, excel sheets, forms, surveys, and mailing lists. Gathering this information effectively can be a hefty task to handle. A data outsourcing company collects data from these sources for all fields in your business to ensure the highest quality of data in hand through multiple validation checks. 

A BPO company refines, analyzes, and defines the collected data that you can use for downstream processes, identifying patterns in order to develop marketing strategies and even forecasting future trends. 

As data mining is not a daily task, forming an internal team for data collection is considered a waste of a company’s resources. Therefore, organizations prefer a data mining team with a renowned outsourcing services company, like ARDEM Inc

Service Examples: Data Indexing, Web Data Mining, Open Source Data Mining, Image Data Mining, Data Mining from Excel, Word, PDF, Database Creation, Data collection from surveys like product surveys, employee/consumer satisfaction surveys, market research survey, application forms, warranty cards, loyalty programs, subscription lists, health care claims, and others.

2. Data Conversion Services

Data conversion is a multi-stage process that converts unorganized data into an organized, compressed, portable, and easy-to-access format within a short period. Data can be converted from physical as well as electronic forms using automation. It helps companies to reduce cycle time. You can quickly view each document as a digital image, view the processing status, and download your data as a normalized data file in your preferred file type – forms, warranty cards, PDFs, and more. 

The procedure of data processing involves: 

  • Receiving data from various documents as images 
  • Uploading them onto the collaboration platform  
  • Data processing using data capture, artificial intelligence, OCR, ICR to ensure data accuracy 
  • And then delivery.  

Data is delivered directly into your system or as a flat file to be ingested into your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), integrated through API or manual entry. 

It streamlines workflow and provides secure storage at the most competitive price. 

Service Examples: Order Entry and Processing, Transaction Data Processing, Payroll Processing, Survey Form Processing, Compiling Mailing Lists, Word Processing and Formatting, Data Conversion, Data File Conversion – XML, HTML Conversion, SGML Conversion, TIFF Conversion, Catalog Conversion, and Electronic Document Management. 

3. Data Entry Services

An organization can enlist a data entry outsourcing provider to take over its data entry operations. When you partner with a data entry outsourcing company, your data is entered perfectly, quickly, and accurately. Generally, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company automates the data entry solutions to save on cost and time.  

Data entry is extremely important for every organization. Still, it is not where an organization’s focus should be. Data entry outsourcing enables you to concentrate on achieving your business goals and missions. ARDEM Inc. has been ranked#1 as a data entry outsourcing company in Clutch and Tech Times surveys.  

Service Examples: Online/Offline Data Entry, Data Extraction, Image Data Entry, Data Enrichment, Quickbooks Data Entry, Utility and Invoice Data Entry, ERP and CRM Data Entry, Insurance Data Entry, Claims Data Entry, Catalog Data Entry, High-Volume Data Entry. 

4. Data Analysis Services

It can be defined as a process of transforming your data into practical decisions. Processed data is structured to yield actionable insights via comparative analysis.  

A BPO Service Provider recruits experienced data analysts and project managers along with quality control processors to form your outsourced analyzing team. It can outsource tech talent from across the globe with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, data analytics reduces manual processes, thus, increasing efficiency with reduced scope for errors.  

Your project manager understands the desired workflow for your data analyst projects and subsequently trains the outsourced team of analysts. Your project manager keeps you updated on project status, developing issues, or risks if any. This way your outsourcing partner fulfills the requirements of your data analysis projects. 

Service Examples: Data Quality Audit, Homogeneity Analysis, Observations Analysis, Missing Observations Analysis, Modeling. 

Using such outsourcing services for high-volume data management, you can surely get relief from back-office administrative tasks and stay focused on core competencies. Leading outsourcing partners leveraging the latest technology, like ARDEM, can provide you with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services for Data Extraction, Data Capture, and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Services for Text Extraction From Image, Handwriting Recognition Software. 

You can look at ARDEM as a reliable business process outsourcing company, providing fast, cost-effective data management services with highest accuracy.  

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. For more information, please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.