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10 Questions You Must Ask Data Entry Companies

By May 27, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
10 Questions You Must Ask a Data Entry Companies

More and more businesses today are opting to outsource their data entry and transactional processes to a partner who can handle and manage data with greater accuracy while driving down their operating costs and enhancing efficiency.

Outsourcing essential but repetitive business tasks can help you streamline back-office functioning and gain competitive agility. The competitive advantage in allocating business functions like data entry and document processing to a trusted data entry company is that doing so frees your internal resources to focus on your core competencies.

When choosing your outsourcing partner, make sure to go for data entry companies that offer scalable solutions and can match strides with your expanding operations.

Another factor that you must consider before choosing a partner is to identify which data entry company offers you the benefit of proven processes, customizable solutions and advanced technology. After all, digital transformation is the key to sustained growth and future improvement.

In fact, there is a whole list of questions that will help you select the data entry company that is best suited to your needs. Below, we have provided the top ten questions to aid your research for your convenience. So, continue reading to discover insights for identifying the right data entry and outsourcing services:

1. How do you ensure high-quality data?

ARDEM ensures high-quality data entry using a combination of standard practices and proprietary technology.

Simply outsourcing data entry to a data entry company who offers services at lower rates is not the right way to go about this. Data quality and accuracy matter and therefore, you need to evaluate the quality of the data entry services offered. The best way to get the maximum return on your buck is by partnering with a company that is known for its high-quality output and efficiency. The ideal way to go about this is by asking the potential candidates about the processes and methods they apply to process your data and ensure accuracy. This helps you evaluate whether the company is employing the latest methodologies that make them the right choice for your company.

At ARDEM, it is standard procedure to process data with accuracy in order to yield actionable insights for smarter and effective decision-making. We employ a proprietary system to enter your data accurately. Manual data entry is combined with automated data capture and advanced data extraction to ensure that our clients are able to maximize insights from flexible resources. We further ensure high-accuracy by using double-key entry and a series of validation checks that eliminate errors and redundancies.

Our proprietary methodologies offer processing precision that delivers successful results every time. This is exactly why we have been named as a top data entry company by Clutch and are ranked among the top data entry companies by GoodFirms.

2. How are your turnaround times?

When finalizing data entry companies ask them about their turnaround times.

Whoever said that “time is money” was probably thinking about data entry and processing services. Swift processing and shorter cycles don’t just improve efficiency, they also equip a company with competitive agility and the capacity for further growth and expansion.

This means processing cycle times are essential factors to take into consideration while choosing a data entry partner.

Ask the companies that you are considering about their cycle times for entering and processing data from everyday operations and high-volume transactions. Look for a streamlined workflow.

At ARDEM, we offer you the benefit of round-the-clock data entry and processing. Our operations office in India works in a 3-shift cycle to ensure almost real-time processing while expediting huge volumes of data.

We further offer optimized data entry services for high-volume transactions. We further automate enterprise workflows using our proprietary range of bots. ARDEM bots execute multi-step processes to implement operational efficiency.

Our shorter cycle times, automated workflow, and higher efficiency all guarantee faster approval for business processes like invoices, utility bills, etc. This, in turns, streamlines your operations and leads to higher ROIs.

3. What sort of cost benefits do I get from your services?

Ask data entry companies about the cost-benefits they provide.

While cost should not be the only factor taken into consideration while choosing an outsourcing partner, it still remains an important variable in reaching the final decision. While taking stock of the cost savings from a proposed solution make sure that you ask for both immediate cost reduction and future projections.

When you choose ARDEM to be your data entry partner, you don’t just enjoy high accuracy and faster turnaround, you also enjoy the benefits of superior services at lower, competitive prices.

Additionally, our precision data entry and processing services all but guarantee an immediate cost reduction of 30% and more as we improve and modify your data entry processes further for higher ROI.

So, if you are looking for cost-effective solutions for outsourcing data entry and more, then look no further as your perfect partner is right here.

4. How do you handle a new account?

ARDEM studies, analyses and improves to propose a solution.

You further need to ask data entry companies about how they create their solutions and how much of your opinion and feedback plays a role in formulating a solution for your business needs. The best relationship is one that incorporates your feedback while analyzing and studying your needs and existing process to provide insights about areas of potential improvement.

We start by gaining an initial understanding of your immediate needs. A qualified and experienced project manager is assigned to your account to ascertain the same. Your project manager gets in touch with you via call, chat or video conferencing to take stock of your data entry and processing requirements.

We further study the details of your current process to identify redundancies and propose a new layout to eliminate them and optimize your workflow further. However, we don’t implement the solution immediately. The proposed solution is submitted to the client for feedback and is further modified on the basis of the feedback received.

Once the new, improved process is finally implemented, it is further studied and optimized to increase efficiency and also to accommodate any updated instructions or requirements. In fact, at ARDEM, we work as per the principle of continuous improvement; we constantly update and optimize our processes to match stride with current market and technological trends.

5. What are the security measures implemented to secure my critical company data?

Pick a data entry company that provides advanced security features to protect your sensitive information.

Data security is a huge responsibility in today’s world of increasing cyberattacks and data breaches. While evaluating data entry companies, make sure you ask them about the security measures and protocols that they have in place to protect your data. Most firms will share the data, though they may ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect their intellectual property.

At ARDEM, we recognize that with data security comes great responsibility, and that’s exactly why we practice ISO27001. Security is addressed at three primary levels, physical, network, and employee. Apart from this, we also implement standard industry practices including VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols during file transfer and at rest. Biometric security protocols, HIPAA, PCI. PII and GDPR compliances are also strictly followed while processing sensitive data.

In addition to our security compliances and protocols, we also implement a system of restricted and structured access. In terms of our data entry services, access to sensitive data is strictly on a need-to-know basis, and we have measures in place that ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

We started 16 years ago working as a U.S. Federal Government contractor. Processing confidential materials and data is our forte and throughout the lifetime of our company, there has never been any data breach of any kind even as we have managed data for more government departments and businesses. Get in touch with us and sign an NDA to learn more.

6. Who are your clients and how happy are they?

Ask data entry companies about previous clients and then ask them for an honest review.

A simple and easy way to measure the merit of data entry companies is by asking them about their previous work experience and their clients. In fact, calling up a few previous or even existing clients is a great way to learn more about data entry companies and their corresponding level of services.

ARDEM provides data entry services, business process outsourcing and robotic automation services across bio-medical, financial, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing and retail sectors.

We have also enjoyed a long and successful working relationship with government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. We were further awarded a GSA contract for document conversion services by the federal government adding the US Army, Veterans Administration, Department of Interior and National Institute of Health to our list of clients.

7. Can you manage specific needs and requirements?

You need a data entry company that can match your specific requirements.

While partnering with an experienced data entry company that has successful methodologies and proven processes, these services should be customized to your specific needs and mode of operations to maximize returns on investment.

While ARDEM offers you the advantage of its tried-and-tested process, we don’t just repackage our standard solutions for every new client. Rather these standard processes and practices act as a starting point and are modified and tailored to match each client’s specific requirements and mode of operations.

8. What makes you different from other outsourcing companies?

ARDEM is the best partner for all your data processing needs.

Every company has a factor that makes it unique and you must ask all the data entry companies that you are considering to specify what distinguishes them from the rest.

At ARDEM, we firmly believe that the secret to our success lies in utilizing the right people, right processes and the right technology. We employ bright, analytical problem solvers to create innovative solutions backed by robust processes and executed flawlessly by proprietary automation bots. Digitizing data and automating workflow helps optimize your business processes to maximize growth while also reducing your operational costs without compromising on quality.

All this is achieved with the aid of our high-performing teams in New Jersey and India that handle large volumes of data with accuracy and accountability.

You can further get in touch with your custom-built team at our operations office in India directly without facing any language barriers and know that your updated work instructions and requirements along with an exponential increase in the volume of data to be processed.

9. Do you provide an SLA?

You need to sign an SLA with you data entry company.

A service-level agreement is a must as it protects both you and your outsourcing partner by specifying in very clear terms the entire and exact scope of services to be delivered.

At ARDEM, we believe in implementing transparency in all our transactions and once the initial discovery is completed and it’s time for the contracts to be signed, an SLA is duly drafted, signed and shared with both parties for safekeeping.

10. How frequently do you share reports?

Regular reports apprise you of the current status of the project.

Regular reports help you keep a tab on the status of your projects and evaluate the current progress against predefined metrics. While finalizing a data entry partner, make sure they specify the frequency of sharing reports and regular updates.

With the ARDEM Collaboration Platform, you can view the live status of your projects and see the processing speed and quality in real-time. Periodic reports, as defined in the scope of work are further created and shared by your ARDEM team to update you about the tasks accomplished and how we plan to proceed in the future.

So, got any more questions? Get in touch with us and discover your solution with ARDEM today!