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ARDEM Ranks Among the Top Data Entry Services in 2021

By March 22, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
ARDEM ranks among the top data entry services in 2021.

As per a recent Deloitte study, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the course of BPO solutions and data entry services significantly, propelling them towards greater transparency and innovation for higher flexibility and deeper business insights.

Even as the sudden and unprecedented switch to remote working took the world by surprise last year, BPO companies like ARDEM channeled their remote working and collaboration capabilities to help companies adapt to the changing times.

According to Deloitte, this flexibility, responsiveness and digital adoption will continue to shape the outsourcing industry in the years to come as companies and businesses over the world look for smarter digital solutions and innovative outsourcing partners.

To this end, Clutch has published its list of the top BPO firms for data entry services and we are more than happy to see ARDEM ranked 6th on the list of top data entry service providers for 2021.

“We greatly appreciate being recognized by Clutch as a top BPO Firm year after year.”

The ARDEM Advantage in Data Entry Services

Discover the ARDEM Advantage with our trusted data entry services.

ARDEM Incorporated started over 16 years ago as a government contractor, digitizing and processing data for some of the nation’s most important state and federal institutions. Since then, we have partnered with some of the most recognized and well-established companies in the world to engineer successful data entry services that enable smarter decision-making.  

Our data entry services are engineered to streamline the management of your enterprise data for faster processing and sharper business insights. As the data from all incoming documents and daily transactions is processed and delivered on time, you gain timely insights into the state of your business and internal operations.

Armed with this information, you can strategize more effectively and implement new measures right on time to stay ahead in a constantly shifting marketplace.  

Discover Strategies for Successful Data Entry  

ARDEM offers you advanced data entry services for all your processing needs.

Ensuring Accurate and Timely Data Entry

ARDEM’s proprietary data entry solution combines double-key data entry and proprietary methodologies for processing precision that ensures 99.97% accuracy for every project, every time. We ensure that your data is passed through several QC checks to eliminate errors and deliver the highest possible level of accuracy.

Offering Flexibility and Scalability

Our data processing solutions are designed to expedite huge volumes of data with continual processing.

Our operations team in India works in 3 round-the-clock shifts to ensure uninterrupted processing and timely delivery of your data. Additionally, our expert team of data entry operators and process engineers are adept at extracting data from multiple sources including physical and electronic documents, images and other digital formats. We even extract and process handwritten data from hand-filled forms and large-scale drawings for reporting and record-keeping.

As our clients’ processing needs expand, we learn to predict and forecast their needs, assigning more virtual analysts and more automation bots to process the fluctuating volumes of incoming data.

High-Volume Transaction Processing

ARDEM’s team is adept at processing high-volume transactions to optimize your workflow. Our high-volume data entry services can extract, verify and process data from your daily transactions that include order processing, claims processing, bill/invoice processing, etc.

Our team accurately captures and processes data from your daily transactions to ensure that each and every one of them is verified and fulfilled on time to increase efficiency and optimize your cash flow management.

Combining Automated Data Capture + Effort-Based Processing

We offer our clients superior data entry services that combine automated OCR data capture with effort-based processing to build a truly flexible solution for your data processing needs.

Automated data capture allows us to process your data in real-time while effort-based processing eliminates the limitations of technology when faced with complexities such as unclear images or incomplete data fields.

 Providing Actionable Insights for Smarter Decision-Making

We receive and extract large batches of raw, unstructured data into a regulated pattern that enables us to map out and identify crucial business insights that enable our clients to make smarter and more informed business decisions.

Our proprietary digital platform, the ARDEM Collaboration Manager, allows you to stay connected with your team members via email, chat, and video calls to review the status of your projects and follow up on issues related to your project in real-time.

The ARDEM Collaboration Manager also offers you additional reporting capabilities to increase data visibility including live dashboards that allow you to keep track of counts, metrics, and progress of your accounts payable, utility bill processing, survey campaigns, and more.

Additionally, these dashboards also offer you customizable views, allowing you to view the metrics and analytics of your choice.

Creating Cost-Effective and Reliable Solutions

Our data entry services further offer you considerable economic advantages as we provide you high-quality services at competitive rates with an immediate cost reduction of 30%. As your project continues, we continue to add and build in additional efficiencies to increase your savings for a higher ROI.

Implementing Protocols for Advanced Data Security

We’re an ISO27001-certified data entry company and experts at keeping your data secure.

We are aware that with data security comes great responsibility, and that’s exactly why we address security at 3 main levels: Physical, Network, and Employee. We have appropriate redundancies are in place at all 3 levels and employ a slew of security measures including VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols during file transfer and at rest to keep your data secure.

Apart from our security compliances and protocols, we are also extremely careful about who we expose your data to. In terms of our data entry services, access to sensitive data is given on a strictly need-to-know basis, and we have measures in place that ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

Additionally, all data is processed in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, PII, PHI, and GDPR regulations, respectively.

At ARDEM Incorporated, we like to think of ourselves as a strategic outsourcing partner providing automated business solutions that help our clients work smarter.

We partner with some of the most well-established companies in the world along with several state and federal agencies to deliver truly transformative solutions.

We believe in diving deep and truly understanding our clients. This enables us to engineer solutions that match their present and future goals for business growth and improvement.

We aim to support both businesses and the people that run them, to create opportunities so that the lives of many can benefit from the new possibilities that arise.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you utilize your data better for smoother functioning and sharper business intelligence, then do not hesitate to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our team today!