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5 Ways to Achieve Accurate Data Entry

By May 16, 2019March 11th, 2024No Comments
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Data entry is an essential part of any business. When data is analyzed, it can provide valuable insight to help drive business initiatives. In order for data to be valuable, it must be accurate. Many businesses implement a manual data entry process but find that trying to balancing both data quality and consistency is a difficult task. Large volumes of data entry need to be organized and completed with quick cycle time in order to maintain its value and achieve accurate data entry. Since human error is one of the most common reasons for inaccurate data, how do businesses ensure the accuracy of their data entry tasks?

Good enough isn’t enough when it comes to data entry which is why we’ve identified 5 ways to achieve accurate data entry.

How Businesses Achieve Accurate Data Entry

1. Identify the Source of the Inaccuracies

Sometimes it requires an internal audit to map out the current process and identify which parts are inefficient. This also allows businesses to develop a solution to minimize the chance of error further increasing overall data accuracy.

2. Utilize the Latest Technology

Combining the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence allows you to apply intelligent automation technologies to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency compared to manual data entry. Improving data collection and organization helps normalize data to keep data consistency.

3. Double Key Entry

Using a double key entry process, data is entered by two separate operators and compared character by character to search for any discrepancies. All discrepancies will be resolved by a third quality operation that will check the original data set to correct and finalize the data.

4. Multiple Validation Routines

A combination of effort-based extraction methods along with programmatic and automated routine validations maximize the accuracy of data entry. Having a system of checks and balances is similar to a 3-way match for invoice processing.

5. Optimized Workflows

A streamlined workflow re-aligns and simplifies the current process to optimize the data entry process. Robust infrastructure and deep industry knowledge allow businesses to transform the current process to increase time efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs.

ARDEM Optimizes Data Entry for Peak Efficiency

5 Ways to Achieve Accurate Data Entry

Businesses rely heavily on data which is why ensuring that all data is highly accurate is critical to business success!

Outsourcing data entry services allows businesses to focus on core functions to further enhance business growth. In a previous blog entry, we tackle the challenges of data entry and state that the majority of the errors in data are the result of the quality of the original data. For example, if the data is handwritten data capture technologies will not always output an accurate dataset and it may require human intervention.

ARDEM implements all five methods in a robust data entry process to ensure the highest accuracy and fastest cycle time while addressing data security on multiple levels. Using a combination of dedicated project management, a fully-enhanced workflow, and innovative capture technologies, ARDEM builds data entry solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Contact ARDEM today to learn more about our Data Entry Services!

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