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Why Data Entry Tasks for Non-Profit Organizations get Outsourced?

By September 29, 2021March 14th, 2024No Comments
Non-Profit Organization Outsourcing

Data Entry Outsourcing is being used by established Non-Profit Organizations(NPOs) to improve their operational efficiencies and reduce cost. Data Collection, Data Analysis, Data Research and Data Entry are effort-intensive  tasks for  organizations. NPOs  need to stay lean to  conduct their fundraising efficiently. 

Specific Needs of Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profits need to keep their administrative costs low to attract Donors.

Data Entry in the NPO Back-Office is a significant task consuming extra resources and high cost. Non-Profit Organizations outsource data entry tasks to data entry outsourcing companies. The primary benefit of opting for  a specialized outsourcing service is that they can help both improve operational efficiency  service and also help NPOs reduce their costs.

Non-profit organizations can outsource repetitive tasks like data entry  finance, accounting and, bookkeeping which consume time and resources. Let us take  a look at the variety of back-office functions outsourcing companies can help  Non-Profit Organizations with: 

  • Talent acquisition 
  • Application processing 
  • Fund Raising 
  • Donor/Gift processing 
  • Virtual training 
  • Finance and Accounting including Bookkeeping 
  • Document Processing related to funding/grant applications

Technology Benefits of Outsourcing for NPOs

Due to their  expanding scope of work and global presence, NPOs constantly need an upgraded and efficient technical platform to carry out their internal working processes. Purchasing and maintaining such advanced technology and hiring people who are equipped and experienced to handle such technology can prove to be expensivee.  

More and more NPOs are benefitting from the technology that outsourcing service providers are able to offer.  

“Outsourcing companies bring technology and process experience in data entry, data capture, data analysis, data mining, survey processing and a host of other back-office tasks.” 

Since the operations of these outsourcing companies are designed in a way to provide round the clock services to the client, an NPO based anywhere across the globe can get instant support, without the hassle of dealing across many time zones.

Better Quality

Outsourcing services have dedicated Quality Control experts and Quality Control tools and processes to assure accuracy in data processing. The final deliverable always meets the client requirements. Every project is audited multiple times to assure high accuracy. Use of both manual checks and programmatic validations assure  error free output data, a much higher level than what is typically achievable if the same task were to be completed in-house. 

Why Outsource Data Entry

 Benefits of data entry outsourcing for NPOs: 

  • Access to new innovative technologies Outsourcing companies use. Automation, machine learning and now artificial intelligence to deliver accurate data quickly.   
  • Manage Fluctuating Work Volume. Rapid adjustment to incoming work volumes can be achieved by Outsourcing companies.  
  • Immediate Access to Information. When the data is entered and processed using advanced automation, it can provide the client valuable and actionable insights immediately. This can facilitate  faster and  better decision making.  
  • Elimination of Management Headaches. Management of routine tasks, daily work volume fluctuations and large teams consumes much management time which could provide higher return on other core activities.  An outsourcing company is able to deliver quicker with higher quality and at a lower price point. 

How Do Companies like ARDEM Help NPOs?

Outsourcing companies have the best intersection of smart People, robust Processes and the state-of-the-art Technology that help NPOs bring digital automation and transformation in the operational processes. The primary goal of any non-profit organization is to maximize its outreach so it can touch and uplift more and more lives. By outsourcing data input and other operational tasks, NPOs can focus entirely on their core value and work towards their mission of social welfare.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.