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How Utilities Outsourcing is Changing with AI

By June 29, 2022March 14th, 2024No Comments
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Digitization and Automation have become the critical elements for growth and optimal solutions in every industry. Artificial Intelligence has manifested a revolution in the world of technological development. Business Process Outsourcers are using AI robustly to design their software systems and generate optimal client returns.

Utilities Outsourcing has managed to align itself along with the evolving platforms of AI. Here is a brief study on how BPOs take advantage of evolving AI technology for utilities outsourcing.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Utility bill invoices scanned or digitally generated into the system can be used for intelligent data extraction, so relevant entries can be extracted easily from an extensive data set. The captured data can then be exported and maintained in a desirable format for further actions.

In addition, simplifying the collection of sub-datasets enhances efficiency and gives the business managers an error-free array of the required fields with a quick turnaround time.

Utility Bill Classification

AI can sort and classify utility bills based on required fields. For example, statements relating to a specific utility service provider can be accessed in one data set, helping researchers gain more meaningful insight from the acquired sub-data sets.

Data Cross-Checking

Trained Team

The data cross-checking feature consists of several intelligent rules to double-check the data and validate it with existing values, leaving no room for errors or duplicate payments.

Data Validation

In exceptional circumstances, authorized users conduct data validation. For example, data verification helps researchers extract data from utility bills in which the data recognition is below the minimum threshold. 


The AI analytics techniques help in providing updates relating to the utility bill data sets on a real-time basis. This can help researchers or business managers access real-time usage and formulate strategies accordingly.

In addition, the real-time updates help improve sustainability initiatives as researchers can study their measures’ immediate effect and work in accordance with the real-time results.

Image Enhancement

Accurate Data Entry Goals

AI’s utility bill normalization exhibits the capability to extract data from ruptured or damaged receipts through the bill image enhancement feature. The normalization includes features such as document right-sizing, removing unnecessary noise and artifacts, whitening background, lines straightening, and thickening of required characters. 

ARDEM provides fully managed utility bill processing services ranging from receipt of utility bills to payments. The streamlined utility bill processing services help with increasing accuracy and faster processing. ARDEM uses a blend of quality assurance and data validation configurated into its platforms to become the most accurate utility bill processing service provider.

ARDEM provides well-established platforms of ADEM Capture, ARDEM Workstream and ARDEM automation to enhance utility invoice management. In addition, ARDEM offers Utility bill Management Services for its clients to ensure timely payments and avoidance of late fees while also providing data accuracy and shortening the cycle time.

Adding ARDEM Utility Manager allows clients to easily track their consumption, increase visibility to lower costs, and improve sustainability efforts worldwide.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.