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Document Indexing

Document indexing refers to the process of organizing data by renaming or captioning files using certain specific tags that allow them to be easily found and retrieved.

The way this works is by properly indexing all records for easy access later on. The indexing itself is done from scanned digital images. Each image is retrieved and all critical fields are keyed for the image or the digital file. The validation rules for each field being indexed are also pre-defined which assure that only the correct index data is keyed. Additionally, all indexing is double-keyed to assure that you receive a 100% accurate index. Digitizing and indexing documents is an effective way of structured recording keeping and helps companies/organization utilize the vast amounts of information accrued over a certain period of time.

ARDEM provides accurate Indexing Services that include document indexing and meta-data indexing of digital documents for ease of search and retrieval of all digital documents.

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