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How Does Legal Outsourcing Services Increase Billable Hours for your Law Firm?

By January 10, 2023April 15th, 2024No Comments
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The list of tasks in a law firm is extensive. Law firms need to track the hours they dedicate to work on a client’s project. Clients are expected to pay for time worked. These billable hours help law firms to measure efficiencies. It also helps them to determine KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the firm.

It also helps them to determine KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the firm. To increase billable hours, law firms are turning to legal outsourcing services. Legal outsourcing or legal process outsourcing involves getting legal support services from a third party – Business Process Outsourcing Company (BPO provider). 

How Legal Process Outsourcing Helps to Increase Billable Hours

Legal outsourcing helps to boost a firm’s productivity. They can put energy toward more clients, cases, and growth. Below is a guide on what legal processes can be outsourced to enhance billable hours:

1. Administrative Tasks

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Legal outsourcing can take care of a law firm’s administrative tasks. These include issuing invoices, recording time entries, scheduling, etc. It can manage client relationships, bookkeeping, and even phone calls. There is no need for a full-time employee when trained personnel are already available outside the firm.

2. Research Services

Effective legal research is crucial for legal decision-making. Legal research services can be outsourced for drafting and compliance implementation at multi-jurisdiction levels. Also, each law firm may not be an expert in all fields. Therefore, they need outsourcing services. It can be helpful in specific legal services. Also, firms can serve their clients without hiring a full-time lawyer.

3. Discovery Responses

Discovery and discovery responses are time-consuming processes. They create a base for the trial. Lawyers need to exchange tons of information through thousands of documents. So, law firms need not waste their valuable time and resources in completing mundane tasks. It includes coding, document review, etc. They can outsource such tasks to third-party facilitating e-discovery.

ARDEM Solutions Specific to Legal Outsourcing Services

ARDEM is one of the preferred legal outsourcing partners with an experience of 20+ years. Law firms prefer its legal outsourcing services for the following benefits:

1. Class Action

ARDEM serves law firms with specialized legal outsourcing solutions for class action cases. It includes document processing, data and plaintiffs management and claims processing solutions also.

2. Automate Non-billable Tasks

Automation in back-office data processing and other tasks can help law firms to process voluminous files with more accurate results. Law firms can outsource legal data entry services for their application processing. It helps expedite their investigation processes. It also reduces time consumption.

3. Accurate Data Processing for E-Discovery; Reduced Turnaround Time

Speed and Efficiency

Legal document data entry and data processing, data extraction, data capture, data and document conversion, document indexing, and other services can be outsourced for high accuracy. It can be up to 99.7%. With the relevant data, law firms can prepare for a trial efficiently. Also, more accurate data and proper data management help law firms in legal research and analysis. ARDEM has assisted many Legal Services Providers globally with their data mining services and formatting services. We have saved more than 400 hours within three weeks.

4. Confidentiality

We implement a slew of security measures to protect your data.

ARDEM ensures valuable clients’ data security and customer confidentiality. We follow industry standards for data safety. We utilize a range of security protocols. These are VPNs, SSLs, and encryption methods to safeguard sensitive data.  We adhere to HIPAA, GDPR, and Business Associate Agreements (BAA). Thus, we align with industry standards. This ensures the safety and security of your information. So, legal firms can count on us for confidentiality.


Legal outsourcing services help law firms save their billable hours. It also allows them to dedicate themselves to things that matter. Outsource back-office services and stay focused on the path to success. Partner with ARDEM and get the expertise and support. Let us help you navigate complex administrative tasks. Reach out to ARDEM now!