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The Importance of Delivering COVID-19 Results On Time

By August 20, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
The Importance of Delivering COVID-19 Results On Time

Testing for COVID has moved beyond suspected cases and contact tracing to become mandatory for working professionals who are stepping out to work at their respective offices, increasing the pressure to improve delivery times for COVID-19 results.

This is especially relevant for healthcare workers who need to be tested on a regular basis before being cleared for duty. Similarly, as companies resume the normal course of functioning, all employees need to get checked before they can officially report to the office.

This, in turn, doesn’t just drive up the demand for COVID-19 testing, but also puts increasing pressure on testing labs and diagnostic centers to deliver results faster.

As biotech and biopharma manufacturers create new and improved versions of COVID-19 diagnostic kits that deliver results within shorter time cycles, patient form processing and data extraction also need to adapt.

ARDEM processes batches of test requisition forms within 6-12 hours to improve your COVID-19 result delivery time.

The test requisition forms accompanying the testing samples have an equally important role to play in the entire processing cycle. The form contains not just the patient demographics that help match the sample to the patient, it also effectively records the different parameters of the entire testing process.

From the details of the ordering physician, the sample collection center and unique identity credentials, this form compiles all the information required to deliver the right result to the right delivery center and the right person.

However, given the increasing volume of test samples coming in, outsourcing your test requisition form processing can help you accelerate your result delivery times.
With our COVID solutions, ARDEM offers you same-day patient data processing services that match your COVID-19 result delivery promises.

COVID-19 TRF Processing: How It Works

Test Requisition Management

ARDEM receives test requisition forms from multiple testing centers and processes them in real-time.

The moment we receive a batch of test requisition forms, they are immediately entered into our processing cycle.

Real-Time Processing

We process TRFs within 6 to 12 hours to help testing companies improve COVID-19 result delivery.

Patient demographics and other data are extracted from test requisition forms in real-time to provide immediate results that are entered directly into your system.

Assured Accuracy

ARDEM provides 100% accurate data to ensure that your COVID-19 results are accurate.

We employ a proprietary data entry methodology that combines double-key entry with programmed validation via a series of compare and validation checks that deliver near to 100% accurate data.

Compliance and Security

All compliances including HIPAA are strictly followed while processing your data to ensure security and confidentiality.

We know that with data security comes great responsibility and that’s exactly why we safeguard your data to ensure absolute privacy. As an ISO27001 certified company, we practice standard security protocols and further ensure that your data cannot be seen, edited or accessed by unauthorized team members.

Additionally, all security compliances including HIPAA, PHI and PII are met while entering, processing and sharing data for patient data security.

Why Outsource TRF Processing

Free Up Internal Resources

Leave TRF processing to us and free up your internal resources to focus on timely COVID-19 result delivery.

Instead of having to hire and train a team or overburdening your current team to process the data from the incoming test requisition forms, you can streamline your entire testing process via outsourcing.

Just send us the TRFs and our team will organize, process and deliver them to you within the required timeframe. This further ensures that all data including patient demographics is extracted and aggregated by a team of trained experts so that all your team has to do is share the raw data and receive the high-quality output.

This further frees up your internal resources so that you can streamline your testing process and ramp up your COVID-19 testing capabilities knowing you have a partner who can match their services to your growing needs.

Shorter Cycle Times

ARDEM empowers you to deliver COVID-19 results within shorter time cycles.

Extracting information from different data fields is quite a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Yet, at the same time, this task needs to be completed in a timely manner to ensure shorter time cycles for result delivery.

Accomplishing these tasks in-house can be quite overwhelming for your internal resources and can even result in backlogs and delays in the delivery of results.

Outsourcing ensures that the data from incoming test requisition forms is processed and delivered to your labs in time before testing starts so that you are better equipped to match samples to patients.

Once all this is taken care of, you can focus on processing more incoming tests while delivering COVID-19 results faster.

Cost-Savings and Scalability

ARDEM's solutions help drive down both processing costs and time to make COVID-19 result delivery faster.

Even as outsourcing test requisition forms helps reduce your cycle time for patient data processing, it offers many additional advantages.

Once we start on your project, we study your current processes and devise a new and improved workflow that fits best with your existing system. Our data entry and document processing services lower your costs by an immediate 30-50%.

We started working with a large-scale consumer-centric home and retail healthcare services company that required assistance with test requisition form processing.

We started by processing 5000 forms per week and scaled up to processing 20,000 forms per day with a matter of days to find a truly flexible solution for our client.

COVID Test Data Capture Automation

We use effort-based processing and automated data capture to help you deliver COVID-19 results faster.

COVID-19 test requisition forms can be received from different test sites via mail, they can even be faxed, or even scanned and uploaded into our secure cloud-based platform. You can also click a picture of the test requisition forms and share it with us.

Once the TRFs have been received, they are automatically ingested into the processing workflow. Each requisition form is processed using a combination of advanced automation and effort-based processing in real-time to minimize the delay in time from the collection of the initial sample until the delivery of the final result.

ARDEM employs advanced OCR, ICR and advanced automation to ensure accurate data capture from requisition forms to accurately map and collate specific fields of data including demographics, facility information, barcodes, etc.

As the demand for COVID-19 testing increases, we are here to help all testing companies and diagnostic labs with our comprehensive test requisition management solutions.

As a family-owned company, we hold accuracy and accountability in the highest regards while working on your project.

If you like to learn more about our healthcare testing solutions and how we can help you improve your delivery cycle time for COVID-19 results, then get in touch with our experts and schedule a free consultation today!

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