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Helping Healthcare Companies Improve Covid-19 Patient Data Flow

By August 6, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
How ARDEM is Helping Healthcare Companies Improve Patient Data Flow

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is an emerging situation that has disrupted millions of lives here in the US and around the globe.

Even as biopharma companies race against time to deliver an effective vaccine, the completion of the required clinical trials and the challenges of producing enough vaccine for the masses may mean that the first dosage will not be available before the next year.

So, in the meantime, we must explore all possible means of curtailing the spread. All attempts to curtail the further spread of the virus must be backed by vigilant testing and accurate results that are delivered on time.

ARDEM is helping diagnostic labs deliver fast and accurate COVID-19 test results.

However, as efforts to test healthcare workers, office-goers and suspected cases are stepped up, they also need to be backed by effective testing facilities. The importance of expanding testing capabilities is quite evident as the National Institutes of Health is investing $248.7 million in new technologies to address challenges associated with COVID-19 testing and the rising US demand.

Across the country, more and more lab-based and point-of-care tests are being conducted, yet most labs or training centers find themselves struggling to manage the rising volume of paperwork while processing an ever-increasing volume of incoming tests.

COVID-19 test delivery cycles can be improved by outsourcing your test requisition form processing.

ARDEM recognized the challenge presented by the need to process patient demographics data and test requisition forms in time for the tests to be conducted. We slowly pushed ourselves to create a solution that would help remove the burden of paperwork while providing accurate test results in the shortest possible cycle time.

With our COVID Solutions, ARDEM is committed to assisting the life sciences and healthcare industry and keep testing cycles running efficiently. Faster and more accurate results are critical for employees and high-risk patients which is why we ensure all test requisition forms are processed in real-time for immediate results.

Aware of the importance of accuracy while processing healthcare data, we extract and process data from COVID-19 test requisition forms including patient demographics with due diligence to ensure greater efficiency. Our proprietary programmed validation and audit routines further ensure 100% accuracy to deliver data that you can rely on.

Our COVID Test Requisition Form Processing Solutions:

COVID-19 Test Requisition Management

ARDEM offers accurate and real-time data extraction and processing for COVID-19 test requisition forms.

Once Test Requisition Forms are received whether as paper copies or scanned images, they are immediately entered into our processing cycle and can be delivered within 6 to 12 hours. The final output is of high quality and delivered as a flat-file, such as CSV and JSON.

Real-Time Processing

We process patient data from test requisition forms in real-time.

Data from test requisition forms, including handwritten forms, is captured in real-time for using a combination of advanced robotic processing automation and effort-based processing. Once a batch has been processed, the results are entered directly into your system.

Ensured Accuracy

ARDEM employs double-key data entry methodology and validations to provide close to 100% accurate data.

We employ a proprietary system of double-key data entry along with a series of compare checks and validation checks that promise close to 100% accurate data.

Compliance and Security

Requisite security measures and compliances are met while processing patient data from test requisition forms.

HIPAA, PCI, PHI and PII compliances are strictly adhered to while entering, processing and sharing data for patient data security. We’re an ISO27001 certified data entry company and have further measures in place to ensure that your data cannot be viewed, edited or moved by unauthorized team members.

As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of accountability and stick by our values to ensure security compliance, data accuracy, and shorter cycle times while processing your test requisition forms. As your processing requirements increase, we allocate more analysts and more bots to make sure that you get your data on time.

If you have any questions about how ARDEM can assist you with ramping up your COVID-19 testing capabilities, get in touch with us and schedule a free consultation to discover your solution.