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Delivering Successful Data Entry from Test Requisition Forms

By May 22, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
Accurate data entry from patient forms and test requisistion forms.

Health is not a matter to be taken lightly and in light of the current situation, accurate testing and diagnosis backed by efficient patient forms processing and test forms processing are more important than ever.

Healthcare data needs to be processed responsibly. Even a tiny error while processing a test requisition form can have serious consequences. As healthcare providers find themselves swamped with processing high-volume COVID-19 testing and providing intensive patient care, they need supportive processing services to streamline operations.

Efficient form processing is a must for effective healthcare.

Another consequence of the current situation is the shift to virtual consultation and at-home testing which requires extensive coordination and collaboration for effective healthcare. All this involves filling out forms with sensitive data that must be matched with the right specimen through the entire cycle of sample delivery, testing and generation of final results.

Efficient sample management needs to be backed by equally systematic test requisition form processing that combines accuracy with speed.

Here’s how ARDEM has been processing medical test requisition and patient forms for its healthcare clients and how even now we are processing requisition forms for at-home consultation and testing:

Greater Accuracy and Accountability

Experience accuracy and accountabilty in healthcare data processing.

The medical field is one where a simple error or mislabelling can lead to serious complications. A misdiagnosis can endanger a patient’s life. Therefore, effective healthcare administration is contingent upon accurate information and swift testing.

Test requisition forms are an essential part of healthcare processing as they contain vital data about patients, the ordering physicians, billing information and specimen data. This data can be both handwritten and machine typed. Very often the test requisition forms may also be accompanied by copies of health insurance cards, or other personal ID verification data that need to be matched and verified through the entire process.

At ARDEM, we process your requisition forms securely to ensure that each specimen is paired with the right patent for an accurate diagnosis and better patient data management.

Precise Data Entry

We offer accurate data entry from patient and test requisition forms for efficient healthcare processing.

Accurate requisition test forms have to be backed by efficient data entry that helps to transcribe relevant data from the forms into the respective laboratory information management system.

In order to reduce the cycle time for specimen test results, data entry must be performed swiftly and accurately to ensure that the lab does not have to wait to conduct tests.

While the volume of tests is low, data entry tasks are manageable but once the volume exceeds a few hundred tests every day you need to scale up operations swiftly. This means recruiting new staff and training while driving up your costs or overburdening your existing resources.

The cost-effective solution is to partner with an expert outsourcing company that has considerable experience in processing medical data. At ARDEM, we employ a proprietary methodology for accurate data processing including double-key data entry and validation checks that ensure accurate addresses, accurate data for billing and accurate data on tests to be performed. We combine advanced data capture technology including OCR and ICR along with the manual entry of data to process and upload high-quality output into your patient system.

At-Home Testing

At-home test requisition forms have to be processed swiftly to dispatch physical tool testing kits accurately.

Given the current situation, it’s not always feasible to visit the hospital for check-ups or even go to your local clinics. As hospitals are overcome and lockdown measures prevent you from leaving, more and more healthcare providers are switching to online appointments. On the basis of the symptoms discussed during these digital sessions, doctors issue testing forms that need to be processed and validated to ensure that the right home medical testing kits are dispatched to the right address.

As the demand for at-home testing increases, so does the volume of paperwork that needs to be pushed through. All you need to do is fax or email us the forms submitted by the patients and extract and aggregate the data collected. This data is then shared with the client or directly uploaded into their database. This helps the company or healthcare provider to send the right physical testing kits to the right patients.

Swift Transmission Results

Experience swift transmission of patient forms and test requisition forms with our real-time processing services.

At ARDEM, processing of your test requisition form does not stop as our teams work in three, round-the-clock shifts to deliver your data in real-time.

From the moment we receive the forms, our team jumps into action deploying smart resources, robust processes and advanced automation to process your data swiftly and efficiently.

Our swift document processing and data management processes ensure that faster and accurate lab test results that help you provide superior services.

We aim to reduce form processing cycle time and increase the reliability of data to help diagnostic centers and clinical laboratories ensure accurate diagnosis for each patient.

Indexing Medical Records

Indexing and recording patient forms and medical data for future reference.

Medical data including information from test requisition forms have to be recorded and stored with the utmost efficiency as patient medical records not only help determine future treatments but also act as repositories of important medical information about certain diseases or conditions.

These records further play an important role in establishing a schedule for appointments including follow-up and periodic testing.

At ARDEM, we have partnered with several healthcare providers to digitize, index and even archive their medical and patient records.

We can capture and standardize your records while also digitally transforming handwritten records for posterity.

COVID-19 Form Processing

Processing COVID-19 patient forms with speed and accuracy.

Battling the current epidemic that threatens to overwhelm both healthcare providers and diagnostics labs, requires proactive support.

ARDEM offers you experienced healthcare services that are backed by technological expertise as the ever-increasing quantity of incoming COVID-19 patient forms threatens to overwhelm hospital resources.

Healthcare providers find themselves dealing with vast volumes of paperwork (both physical and digital) including forms, insurance information and personal identification papers. Additionally, in the case of COVID-19, travel history documents are also required to ascertain the source of contraction and identify clusters.

The combination of OCR, ICR technology, data capture, and automation is employed to streamline the entire process and can help in organizing and segregating vast amounts of patient information in real-time with greater accuracy and higher efficiency.

ARDEM is here to provide all the data entry and document processing services required and help you with COVID-19 Patient Testing Form processing.

Secure Processing

Using advanced security protocols to protect sensitive medical data.

Medical and patient forms often contain confidential patient data that needs to be managed securely. When you partner with ARDEM, you can rest assured that all data is handled in compliance with HIPAA to protect PII and PCI information.

Our ISO27001 certification addresses security at 3 primary levels, physical, network, and employee. Our standard practices include VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols during file transfer and at rest, along with biometric security protocols.

Apart from our security compliances and protocols, we are also extremely careful about how your data is handled. With regards to our data entry services, access to sensitive data is given on strictly a need-to-know basis, and we have further measures in place to ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

Experience operational efficiency that allows you to deliver swift, superior and effective healthcare. The efficacy of your diagnosis and treatment is increased when backed by our processing services and quality assurance.

We further provide technology-based data and document management services for all healthcare and patient forms including data entry services, data capture services, survey forms processing and document scanning services.

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