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How Non-Profits Can Better Manage Their Partnerships?

By September 19, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments
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Non-profits face unique challenges when managing partnerships and relationships. Organizations that depend on philanthropic donations often struggle to evaluate potential donors and manage their relationships effectively.

Launching a partnership between for-profit companies and non-profit organizations may seem counterintuitive to some because these two entities are, on the surface, opposites: for-profit companies are required to make a profit, while non-profit organizations forego profit in favor of a noble cause.  

No matter what business you run, developing, establishing, and upholding good partner connections is the foundation of every enterprise.

Tips for Non-Profits to Build Partner Relationships

Following are some tips for non-profits to manage their partnerships effectively:

1. Create a Shared Vision

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It is good practice to share your vision with your partner before starting any project together. If they have a vision of what they want to achieve, they will feel more motivated and committed to achieving that goal. It is also essential to both agree on what you want to get out of the relationship. You may want something different from them. So make sure to lay these things out before you start working together. 

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2. Accept Shared Culture and Values

Partners must respect each other’s diversity and be aware of the ideals of each firm, similar to how a common vision must be. Partners must have open dialogues about their respective cultures to identify strengths, flaws, and potential areas for progress.  

Long-lasting relationships are more likely between partners with the same culture and beliefs. 

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3. Collaborative Leadership

If your two organizations do not already have a formal structure in place, you will need to decide who will lead the collaboration. Each organization needs to have a leader who drives the project forward.  

However, it is ideal for including leaders from both organizations in discussions and decisions regarding the direction of the joint venture.

4. Performance Management

Each non-profit must have a performance management system in place. This system helps to track progress and provide feedback to individual employees and supervisors.  

Without this tool, it is not easy to keep track of individual goals and expectations. One can use software programs that allow managers to view reports, discuss employee performance, and give feedback.  

At the end of the collaborative project, you can measure whether the efforts were successful and whether everyone was held accountable for their actions.

5. Commitment

Commitment means staying focused over time on a particular course of action. After developing a shared vision and establishing clear goals, each party must commit to meeting them.  

Do not let the project take off in a direction that was not agreed upon or is not aligned with the original mission of your team.  

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Even though the word “business planning” seems like it belongs in a for-profit corporation, establishing one for your non-profit organization is vitally essential for long-term success.  

It assists in outlining your strategic and financial initiatives for possible partners, clarifies your mission, and shows that you have a trackable grasp of how to manage cash flow to achieve your organization’s objectives efficiently.

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