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Hemant Sarthak

Utility Bill Data Processing data entry

Why Smart Companies Favor Outsourcing their Utility Bill Data Processing

By Business Process Outsourcing, Utility Bill Processing
Companies across industries must streamline the collection, validation, and payment of utility bills. Utility bill processing gives you access to the data to ensure effective utility bill management. Utility bills contain valuable data concerning business operations that provide useful insights about business operations. Companies look at energy consumption data to achieve sustainability and for facility management. They need bill data for cost management. Read More

survey data entry bpo automation

How Automation is Changing Survey Data Entry

By Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services
A survey is the first step in any insightful research. Surveys can range from academic to public opinion surveys for companies or educational/financial institutions. Whether a large or small organization, they need to deal with multiple surveys for primary research and gain insights and a good research paper, analysis, or paper journal needs an extensive data set. Read More

Accounts payable outsourcing companies

Why Smart Companies are Outsourcing their Accounts Payable

By Business Process Outsourcing, Finance & Accounting, Financial and Accounting
The corporate environment is getting a lot more competitive in this technological era. Companies are looking to outsource their business processes as a thriving solution to improve their services, lower costs, and stand apart from their peers. One of their most crucial business processes is accounts payable (AP), which includes approving invoices and bills for all payments. AP tasks are huge each day and makes it an arduous task. Read More