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Why Outsourcing becomes a Natural Choice for Data Entry Service

By Data Entry Services

When was the last time you baked your own loaf of bread? How about making your own clothes? Or growing your own food to sustain yourself, and your family?

We really would never think of doing any of above because it is not an efficient use of your time. It makes much more sense to buy the bread from the grocery, or buy the dress you love from the local boutique. Although, in effect we have outsourced those tasks, this has become the norm for us.

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How Technology Improves Accuracy of Data Entry Service

By Data Entry Services

Transcribing data has been done for ages. Taking information and putting it down on a tablet or paper so it would be available for a wider audience has gone on for a long time.

However technology, as with many jobs we do, has changed the process of data entry. It no longer required the person doing the data entry to be in the same physical proximity of the provider of information. It also reduced the dependence on the unique skills of the individual data entry operator.

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ARDEM Data Entry Services completes Indexing of 100k Large Format Drawings

By Data Entry Services

ARDEM is pleased to announce a successful completion of the indexing of 100,000 Large Format drawings for a major document management solution provider. Under very tight project deadlines ARDEM undertook the indexing and Meta data creation for large format drawings.

Scan images in Tiff and PDF format of large format engineering drawings, maps and photographs were used to develop the Meta index data. The scan images were first sorted and separated into single page images since indexing was required at the single drawing sheet level.

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Data Entry Services for Medical Claims Processing

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Health Insurance claims processing for billing and collections can be a long process, however it is essential to any business which deals with paying healthcare providers. ARDEM provides data entry services for medical claims processing which improves and will help improve overall efficacy by lowering costs, increasing productivity and ease of use between all parties throughout the claims receivable and collection management process.

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