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Transforming Data Through Automated Data Capture

By January 11, 2019March 11th, 2024No Comments
Transforming Data Through Automated Data Capture

In today’s business world, there is a greater need for increased efficiency to capture, understand, and utilize large sets of data. Automated data capture optimizes the ability to extract data through automated means. Simply put, it helps reduce the amount of time and effort required to process data-intensive processes. Automation of the data extraction process also helps streamline and maintain data consistency to reduce manual errors.

Benefits of Automated Data Capture

The challenges of data entry often revolve around errors in the data, the data configuration, and the slow turnaround to obtain a clean data set.

Physical documents can be scanned and digitized to make it easier for automation technologies to improve efficiency. Data comes in many shapes and forms – for example, invoices can significantly vary between different vendors. Having to manually go through each individual invoice can cause a bottleneck which results into late payments and penalties. Both machine learning and artificial intelligence has matured making it easier to understand different patterns and formatting to identify different types of information and key elements.  Algorithms can identify which vendor the invoice is from and the specific fields for each type of format as well as automatically validating multiple pieces of information by matching exact items or fields.

With data, accuracy is important to ensure there are no errors to prevent any negative impacts in ROI.  With a standardized set of rules, automation can produce consistent data sets which limit the possibility of errors.  Automated data capture reduces the number of manual tasks from your team allowing them to focus on core competencies to further business growth. In addition to quicker turnarounds, automation allows you to accomplish more at a lower cost.

ARDEM Unlocks Your Business Potential

Transforming Data Through Automatic Data Capture

Automatic data capture helps improve your current process by reducing the amount of time spent to extract data, validate it, and uniformly standardize the output.

ARDEM Data Capture enables all of your paper and electronic documents to be transformed into actionable intelligence through the use of OCR and machine learning technology. Our highly skilled process engineers customize our artificial intelligence programs to seamlessly map relevant data into corresponding fields so that data in all formats and layouts can be extracted. Machine learning algorithms create intelligent relationships between data to accurately generate uniform outputs in a fraction of your current processing time.

We take the brightest minds, robust processes, and advanced technologies to design the best solution for your growth needs. With 15 years of experience optimizing processes for the financial, healthcare, retail, logistics, and government industries, ARDEM ensures to provide the best value at the most competitive price while maintaining high accuracy.

Find out more on how ARDEM Data Capture can help automate your current processes!

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