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Why Your Business Needs Transaction Processing Services?

By May 8, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
Why Your Business Needs Transaction Processing Services

Every business, whether big or small, runs on high-scale transaction processing that is essential for the smooth functioning of everyday and overall operations.

Processing large amounts of transaction data can be quite a time-consuming and expensive task. It is not just a matter of processing a large volume of data and allocating precious internal resources to do so. As you expand your services, you will need to hire more and more skilled resources to keep up with the increased volume of transactions.

In fact, simply processing the data is not enough. You need to do it with a great deal of accuracy and on time so that you can stay ahead in these competitive times.

So, what is the perfect solution for processing large volumes of transaction data swiftly and accurately?

The answer is simple. Partner with an experienced outsourcing company that has processed thousands of transactions for their clients while providing greater operational efficiency.

Here are a few reasons why you need to outsource your transaction processing:

Order Processing

Streamline you order processing with ARDEM.

It is no secret that swift order processing leads to higher customer satisfaction. To achieve this, companies need to process their order slips in an efficient and timely manner. This means accurately capturing, processing and allocating data to ensure that orders are fulfilled with both speed and accuracy.

We have extensive experience processing everything from sales and purchase orders to shipping documents for logistics and supply chain management. We enter data from all documents and process it quickly to ensure that you can fulfill your orders on time. We further verify all the data extracted against predefined criteria for confirmation to ensure that the right orders reached the right place. We further automate your sales order processing to increase back-end efficiency.

Forms Processing

Form transaction processing requires specialized services.

Apart from sales orders, processing hard copies of application forms for debit and credit cards can also be quite difficult.

It can be quite a challenge to extract and collate data from physical and digital forms. The process is quite laborious not to mention that conducting it in-house requires not just extensive resources but also smart-resources capable of running automated processes and more. All these factors can drive up your costs and may still produce low-quality output.

At ARDEM, we have robust processes that employ optical character recognition technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence to capture, extract and process from both physical and electronic formats. Our standardized processes are further customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Claims Processing

Claims processing can be optimized with efficient transaction processing systems.

Claims processing is another monotonous yet essential transaction process that needs to be managed with great care and attention. For instance, even an error of a single digit can cause medical claims to be rejected while incomplete insurance applications can result in claim rejection or even denial.

So, how do firms streamline the processing of large volumes of claims applications received daily? Partnering with an outsourcing company that has considerable experience in processing claims applications can help streamline your transactions considerably.

We process healthcare claims, HCFA claims, insurance claims, medical claims and even dental claims. These can be shared in both paper or digital format and we will do the rest. Our internal processes also include checking for any incomplete information and inaccuracies to reduce claim rejection.

Once the claims have been received, they are inventoried and scanned and sorted as required. All relevant data from the claims is captured and the processed output files are created with the highest possible accuracy. These final files are transmitted multiple times per day, or as needed, based on the specific requirements of each of our clients..

Financial Processing

Financial processes can be streamlined using advanced technology.

Apart from applications, forms and claims processing, companies also have to run extensive financial processes to maintain cash flow and keep the company books in order. Finance and accounting processes include several transactional functions like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bookkeeping along with invoice and utility bill processing among others.

Completing all of these transactions involves a ton of paperwork that needs to be sorted, categorized and processed for faster turnaround. We digitally transform your finance and accounting processes with robotic process automation to streamline an effective solution. You can simply forward all bills, receipts and invoices to us and our team will take care of it and do the rest.

Retail Processing

Retail processing becomes easier with outsourcing solutions.

Retail also involves several important transaction processes revolving around warranties, customer loyalty response cards, marketing and customer questionnaires or surveys.

As your business grows, understanding the customer not only improves customer relationships, but it also allows you to optimize how well you market products or services.

Survey Processing

Choose ARDEM for efficient survey management.

Processing surveys is another large-scale transaction that involves a complex, multi-step process from survey printing to mailing. Tasks include receipt of surveys,, reporting on volumes received, digital conversion, data entry, coding of surveys and final data tabulation.

We, at ARDEM have processed millions of public opinion surveys, client satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and other market research surveys. We further process surveys in all formats including paper surveys, mail surveys and even a combination of paper surveys and online web surveys.

All you need to do is design the survey and send us the PDF of the survey. We will help you format the survey and then print and mail the survey forms for you. We will set up receipt of survey responses back at our P.O. Box, scan them and key the data.

We then code the survey entries and tabulate the final results for you. Sounds much better than going through the entire hassle yourself doesn’t it?

The ARDEM Advantage:

Data Management Services

Data management is a big part of transaction processing.

ARDEM stands for Automated Retrieval of Data in Electronic Media and large-volume data entry and processing has been our strong point from day one.

From capturing and extracting data from flexible sources to accurate data entry, mining and analysis, we know how to process and transform your data for operational efficiency.

Our data processing services collect relevant data from all sources, whether they be physical or electronic, and converts it into a usable form for downstream functions like sorting, validation, aggregation, reporting, and analysis.

Our operating experience combined with our technological efficiency help deliver scalable solutions that help reduce your costs by an immediate 30%.

Advanced Technology

Enjoy faster transaction processing with advanced automation.

At ARDEM, large-scale transaction processing is enabled by our use of technology including high-speed scanning, OCR conversion, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Complicated, multi-step processes are further executed with enhanced operational efficiency by our proprietary range of software bots. The ARDEM bots are specially designed to carry out transactional processes for specific industries, this advanced robotic process automation further guarantees a high level of accuracy with considerably shorter time cycles.

For instance, our proprietary Gyan and Sumti bots are specially developed to process data from survey forms by not just capturing data but also checking and correcting any errors and delivering the processed data in the correct output positions.

Quality Assurance

We run high-volume processes with quality assurance.

With over 16 years of experience in processing large volumes of data for transactional efficiency, we have learned a thing or two about generating high-quality output.

Over the years as we processed more and more transactions, we simultaneously revised and reworked our processes for higher accuracy and faster processing, thereby creating robust processes generating data that is 99% accurate.

We further employ measures like double-key data entry along with proprietary methodologies to ensure accuracy.

Advanced Security

We employ advanced data security measures while processing your transactions.

Partnering with a BPO company to execute your high-volume transactions means sharing a lot of sensitive business data with a third party. This means that you need to be extra careful while choosing your outsourcing partner.

You need a trusted outsourcing company like ARDEM that employs VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols during file transfer and at rest. We also have biometric security protocols, as well as our HIPAA, PCI, PII and GDPR compliances in place.

At ARDEM, we recognize that with data security comes great responsibility, and that’s precisely why we practice ISO2700 that addresses security concerns at 3 main levels, employee, network and physical.

Apart from our security compliances and protocols, we are also extremely careful about who we expose your data to. In terms of our data entry services, access to sensitive data is strictly on a need-to-know basis, and we have measures in place that ensure that sensitive client data cannot be moved, saved, edited, or seen by unauthorized team members.

We started 16 years ago working as a U.S. Federal Government contractor. Therefore, we can say with confidence that processing confidential materials is our forte. Throughout the lifetime of our company, there has never been any data breach of any kind.

People, Process, Technology

We run successful transactions using smart people, robust processes and advanced technology.

At ARDEM, we offer you the perfect blend of people, process and technology to bring about digital transformation in your business processes.

We firmly believe that the right people using the right processes can employ the right technology to ensure successful and sustainable growth for your business.

Our team of experts has perfected and streamlined thousands of transactions with great success. We believe in building long-term relationships for collaborative success and that’s why every one of our processes is constantly reviewed and revised for greater efficiency.

Still wondering how we manage high-volume transaction processing in shorter cycle times at reduced costs? Get in touch with us to discover our secrets and find successful solutions for your business today!