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Data Entry Services

Data can come in various forms – paper, electronic, or even from images. This is why businesses look towards outsourcing to streamline all data entry to be delivered in a flat file or entered directly into a database. Check out ARDEM’s blog for more on Data Entry Services!

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Transparency is Key in Data Storytelling for Nonprofits

By Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services, Management, Non Profit
The growth of nonprofit organizations has increased as people seek ways to become better stewards of the environment, the economy, communities, and society. Nonprofits are now widely recognized as having a significant impact on our societies because they bring together disparate ideas and social movements to tackle problems facing humanity today.

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data enty services outsourcing

Use Data Entry Services to Enhance Your Operations

By Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services
Data entry has been known to be the most critical and cumbersome task in any organization. With the data entry tasks consuming a significant chunk of time, employees face difficulties concentrating on their core tasks needed to enhance productivity. The huge time-intensive task of accurately entering data into systems and efficiently managing databases can be outsourced to Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs). Read More

automation outsourcing freight bill

How Automation is Changing Freight Bill of Lading Data Entry

By Automation, Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services, Logistics
Data is considered the most critical element in any business. Business managers rely on accurate data to gain insight into the company’s operations and work toward scalability and profitability. The transport sector requires many documents, such as freight invoices and the Bill of Lading (BoL). While the trucking process is being carried out on-site, the offsite back-office employees are usually overburdened with a web of documents, entering data, extracting information, and generating reports. Read More

automation insurance outsourcing data entry

How Automation Is Changing Insurance Data Entry

By Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services, Financial Services
The insurance industry seeks to deploy the benefits of automation to flourish its daily operations and build efficient models. The industry caters to numerous data sets, such as claims processing, new customer applications, and underwriting – to name a few. The insurance sector encompasses heavy volumes of data entries, making it vulnerable to errors. 
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automation healthcare data entry

How Automation Is Changing Healthcare Data Entry

By Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences
The Healthcare sector entails a series of tasks to be accomplished efficiently and on time. The staff at Healthcare facilities is usually seen immersed in a web of functions such as patient scheduling, billing, clinical research, resource allocation, prescription management, managing claims, generating receipts, and follow-up care.
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How Machine Learning Is Being Used in Data Entry Outsourcing

By Business Trends, Data Entry Services
Data at its core needs to be accurate. A firm relies on its data sets for effective decision-making. Errors or inconsistencies in reported data sets can cause major setbacks to a firm, including miscalculated finances and erroneous projections. Business Process Outsourcing companies have taken over the challenge of providing data entry services accurately and meticulously.
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