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How ARDEM Achieves 99.97% Efficiency in the Data Entry Process.

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ARDEM Data Entry Outsourcing Blog

Data entry is an integral part of many business processes, including inventory management, order processing, and invoicing. Inaccurate data entry can lead to huge errors and poor decision-making. Efficiently analyzed data can help companies to get valuable insight into the business.

Considering the importance of data that drives business initiatives, companies of all sizes seek the help of specialists in data entry and processing. They are responsible for inputting all information/data into the client’s system correctly. ARDEM is one of the leaders providing data entry solutions in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Experienced team members ensure providing highly accurate data by leveraging the latest technologies and implementing various strategies.

Data entry outsourcing is being widely used by established companies to enhance their operational efficiencies at reduced costs. They take care of each phase of data entry – Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Data Research – which is an effort-intensive task.

Efficient Data Entry Process with ARDEM Delivering 99.97% Accuracy

Data Entry Outsourcing Infographic

ARDEM providing high-quality BPO and Data Entry Services has ranked #1 in Clutch’s top BPO Companies list for 2022. Its qualified analysts deliver high-quality data on time following the specified flow of data processing.

The data entry process of ARDEM consists of several steps. Here companies can understand how ARDEM works to achieve efficiency in the data entry process.

1. Understanding The Client’s Data Entry Requirements

When partnering with leading data entry BPO companies, data entry services can be customized as per the client’s specific needs. ARDEM teams understand clients’ data entry requirements first to provide successful methodologies and proven processes. It is not just repackaging standard data entry practices for new clients. Rather these standard processes are starting points and practices are tailored to match the client’s specific requirements. Clients give work instructions, templates, and code books that are used to prepare the indexing application.

2. Data Receiving and Verification

Teams collect the information and key the data from applications, invoices, surveys, health claims, etc. The received physical form of data is scanned and uploaded into the system. Teams match the counts they receive and confirm by email that everything has been received.

3. Perform Data Entry on The Data.

Data entry refers to transcribing data into another medium, including handwritten documents, spreadsheet details, series of numbers, names and addresses, etc. If the data is handwritten, it may require manual efforts as technologies may not always output accurate data. The perfect combination of qualified teams with required data entry skills, robust processes and advanced automation at ARDEM helps businesses here. If it is a verbatim file, the team will generate the verbatim page with information to process those words.

4. Perform Validation and Quality Checks.

At ARDEM, teams ensure high data accuracy using a double-key entry system and a series of validation checks. It helps reduce the odds of errors and eliminate redundancies. As the processing starts, the team makes a log report to track the folders received. Each folder is tracked and assigned to another user for dual entry. Then it is assigned to a quality check (QC) user. They ensure high data accuracy, i.e., 99.97% or higher, with advanced and programmatic validation techniques based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Each data field gets reconciled against the millions of data fields to ensure an error-free outcome. Mismatched fields on the QC page will be highlighted. QC analysts rectify the information.

Teams can see the entry dashboard for performance measurement. Here one can find the performance report of the team as well as the individual report.

5. Transfer Output to The Client.

After completing the QC, the output is generated for delivery to the client. Data entry teams are proficient enough to process the data in any format and provide the output in the desired format requested by the client.

This way, all data entry projects are completed to attain the objective of high accuracy.

What a Business can Achieve With ARDEM's Data Entry Services.

1. Immediate access to the Qualified Team while Scaling Up

When it is a peak season for a specific sector, or a company is ready to scale up its business, outsourcing data entry services with ARDEM is a quick solution instead of creating a new in-house team. Access qualified and trained data entry skills quickly.

2. On-time Delivery

Data entry work has to be managed daily to reduce complexity and timely completion of projects. ARDEM ensures on-time delivery with high collaboration and effective communication among team members.

3. Consistency in Data Accuracy

ARDEM utilizes advanced technology and tools for data processing and data entry tasks. Efficient data entry service providers with automation like ARDEM can ensure high accuracy in turnaround time for large volumes and every time.

4. Hassle-free Data Storage

Recording paper-based editions and manual paperwork can be unmanageable. Therefore, companies prefer to store data digitally. ARDEM can help their clients to reduce the load. Its automated data entry system helps corporations to store bundles of documents on cloud storage using the latest technologies at their best. 

5. Actionable Insights for High Productivity

Well-analyzed and accurate data can help management in a company make result-oriented decisions with insights into future perspectives. Companies can rely on ARDEM as their efficient BPO partner as teams are highly skilled and work with utmost care.   

6. Pay for the Work Done Only

An in-house data entry skilled team can make data processing and management more expensive. Also, companies keep employing funds for technological advances in every department, including data entry which is a costly affair to achieve maximum accuracy. Partner with ARDEM for advanced data entry services as a cost-effective solution.

The Closing

Data is valuable only if it is accurate. Therefore, businesses prefer automation over manual data entry considering the importance of high-quality data. But they may find consistency a difficult task. Thanks to ARDEM, large volumes of data entry can be completed with quick cycle time and achieve accurate data entry following a defined workflow. Stay focused on your core business and save money and time as there is no need to hire, train, and manage teams for data entry. Take advantage of efficient data processing at ARDEM.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs.  For more information please reach out to us  at or call us at 908-359-2600.