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How are Non-Profits Handling Current Short Staff

By May 13, 2022March 14th, 2024No Comments
Non-profits non profit staff shortage

Small nonprofit organizations (SNPOs) are a large part of the growing nonprofit sector. These nonprofit organizations (NPOs) generally receive $100,000–$250,000 in annual revenue. When organizations dedicated to serving the public good can’t secure the workforce to provide vital services, their communities suffer.

While staffing shortages in delivery services result in longer times to receive a package, staffing shortages in direct-care services mean that families and individuals cannot access life-saving support.

While many reasons were identified for this shortage – An estimated eight out of ten (79%) nonprofits identified salary competition as a factor preventing them from filling job openings. the best solution to staffing challenges is to outsource. For-profit companies have often outsourced to reduce the costs of employee benefits and other employee-related costs associated with full-time employees. Nonprofit organizations have often been slower to recognize these benefits.

Saving on Non-Profit Staff Expenses

Data Entry in the NPO Back-Office is a significant task consuming extra resources and high cost. Non-Profit Organizations outsource data entry tasks to data entry outsourcing companies. The primary benefit of opting for  a specialized outsourcing service is that they can help both improve operational efficiency  service and also help NPOs reduce their costs.

Outosurcing Data Entry Services

Conducting these data entry activities in-house can be a time-consuming and expensive affair. The most prudent choice here is to opt for a data entry outsourcing to a data entry company like ARDEM. Data entry outsourcing companies not only help you lower your data handling costs but also take the burden off your core team, which can then focus on other business development activities.

The data entry services provided by data entry outsourcing companies like ARDEM bring scalable and comprehensive data entry solutions to your doorstep. Click here to know more about the various industries like finance and accounting, where data entry services can be utilized.

ARDEM is equipped to provide you with virtual data entry and research assistance through its cloud platforms to let you remotely manage and stay connected with your teams and view and analyze the status of different projects in real-time. Know more about ARDEM’s cloud platforms here.

Outsourcing Collaborating and Sales – Automation

Large volumes of data require specialized tools and technology, which may be too expensive to purchase. Outsourced data entry services let you get the benefit of expert tools and software for your processes.

Outsourcing Various Functions and Using Technology

With a combination of the brightest minds, innovative technologies, and in-depth industry knowledge, outsourcing provides tried and tested successful data entry solutions.


With technology, you gain visibility, improve accuracy, boost productivity, and lower overall operational costs. For robust processes engineers the best data entry outsourcing solutions for various industries, including financial, healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing, etc. ARDEM proprietary technology and its BOTS combine AI and MI with human efforts to provide intelligent automation.

Data Capture

ARDEM’s data capture allows you to transform all of your paper and electronic documents into ready data to be used through OCR & Machine Learning methods. Technologies seamlessly map relevant data into corresponding fields to ensure intelligently managed data. Our team engineers advanced algorithms to create an absolute relationship between data processes, eliminate errors, and generate uniform output with high accuracy. Data is normalized to collect databases for easy comparison.


Expert data scientists, intelligent engineers, and developers in ARDEM’s team bring efficiency to ARDEM Automation solutions. With the combination of the latest in Machine Learning (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, documents are run through data validation. ARDEM Automation can interpret quickly if a field is blank or data is missing. It can prevent the fouls in the input from affecting the entire data entry workflow. Ensure BPO data entry accuracy without spending too much time on large sets of data.

Businesses adopt digital transformation to automation to plan a more data-driven innovation process to improve efficiency and stay competitive. Most companies are not well equipped to increase efficiency. Data entry vendors in the outsourcing industry bring a solution with automation for every company irrespective of sector and size. ARDEM’s customized automation solutions fit your every data entry needs.

Multiple Data Validation Routines

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs, ARDEM ensures data accuracy with programmatic validation techniques. Each data field gets reconciled against the millions of data fields to provide 100% clean and verified data. ARDEM makes you use 99.97% accurate data to make effective decisions with clear insights.

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