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How Extensive Testing Can Help Curb the Spread of COVID-19

By September 4, 2020March 13th, 2024No Comments
How Extensive Testing Can Help Curb the Spread of COVID-19

Just like any other communicable disease, COVID-19 also needs to be managed using a proven system of testing, contact tracing and proper implementation of quarantine and social distancing norms.

While on one hand, the number of cases may seem to be going up; on the flip side, testing has helped with the early identification of positive cases, active COVID clusters and sources of origin to contain its further spread.

While we wait for the clinical trials to be completed and the vaccine to become widely available, this is not the time to get complacent. As countries all over the world prepare themselves for the second wave of COVID-19, extensive testing still offers us the best shot at curtailing further spread.

Additionally, testing can also help relieve the healthcare system that is already under severe stress and struggling to cater to the rising number of cases. As more cases are detected and further contraction is prevented, hospitals may receive a lesser number of patients every day.

Extensive testing is one of the best options to curtail the further spread of COVID-19.

Another crucial step in the ongoing battle against COVID-19 is tracking asymptomatic cases that are silent yet dangerous spreaders of the raging virus.

As far as the testing process itself is concerned it involves extensive coordination from the time of the collection of samples to their arrival at the diagnostic labs and the delivery of the final result.

Apart from the testing sample itself, the process also deals with documents that help establish a trail to match the sample to the correct details for accurate testing and result delivery.

So, in order to maintain an efficient cycle of testing-tracking-tracing, you need to maintain an uninterrupted flow of both samples and data for continued efficiency.

As your internal team feels overwhelmed with the increasing number of testing samples and incoming forms, you can partner up with an experienced and trusted healthcare partner to accurately enter and process information from COVID-19 test requisition forms.

Here’s How It Works:

Types of Tests and How They Detect COVID-19:

There are different types of tests to detect COVID-19.

  • Molecular Tests: These tests detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to deliver an accurate diagnosis.
  • Serologic Tests: These tests measure the immune response by detecting the presence of antibodies that are produced in response to the virus.

Irrespective of which diagnostic method you follow, you have to process the accompanying COVID-19 test requisition form which contains the following details:

  • Multiple Contact Fields
  • Submitter Details
  • Details of the Authorizing Doctor/Testing Center
  • Patient Information
  • Requisition Info
  • Insurance Information

All of the data from these fields needs to be entered accurately, managed securely and further processed in time, i.e., before the sample is tested in order to maintain an efficient delivery cycle.

As this process is repeated for several batches that come-in at regular intervals throughout the day, it can hit a stop with staff shortages and result in a backlog.

However, given the urgency of the situation, many of you may not be able to scale up your team instantly or even spare any personnel for training.

This is where you need us, our team can come in and take up your entire process from the receipt of the scanned forms till the final delivery of the result to the correct patient.

Easy Collaboration

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform offers you a fast and easy way to share COVID-19 forms for processing.

All that you need to do in order kickstart the process is send scanned copies or even clicked images of the test requisition forms to our team at ARDEM.

Once a batch has been shared with us, it is immediately entered into the processing cycle. This means that our operations team swings into action, decoding data from handwritten forms, using automation to capture data from multiple data fields and indexing them in your preferred format.

Once the data has been extracted, processed and collated, it is shared with your team as per the-defined frequency which can range from a few hours to a 24-hour cycle.

Our operations team works in 3 round-the-clock shifts to process your data in real-time and that’s why no matter what your needs are if you can define it, we can deliver it.

Improving Efficiency through Automation

ARDEM employs automation to implement greater efficiency in your data processing.

The data from COVID-19 test requisition forms has to be processed with extreme accuracy as even an error by a single digit can result in an inaccurate diagnosis, thereby creating a false alarm or even resulting in delayed treatment.

On the other hand, this data also needs to be processed in a timely and effective manner, and that’s why we employ automation to build successful COVID-19 data processing solutions.

We employ a combination of automated data capture and effort-based processing to provide you with services that complement your existing and future needs.

With the aid of machine learning, OCR data processing and human expertise we extract and deliver even decrypted data illegible or handwritten forms and make sure that the data has reached the lab folders before the actual testing starts.

With our current clients, we have gone up from processing 5,000 forms per week to processing nearly 20,000 forms per day.

COVID Test Management and Vaccination

ARDEM provides collaborative solutions for COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

Along with processing test requisition data from submitted forms for active testing, our COVID solutions can also be applied to process data from COVID-19 vaccination forms and flu forms.

Just like the COVID-19 test requisition form, the vaccination form will also contain crucial information that needs to be extracted from multiple data points and indexed properly to maintain dependable records.

Additionally, both the COVID-19 testing forms and the COVID-19 vaccination forms can be tied together using the patient in order to make it easier to view and recall relevant information at a moment’s notice.

This, in turn, provides a faster onboarding process that helps accelerate processing for COVID vaccination forms and provides greater insights into your patient records.

Live Updates and Digital Collaboration

The ARDEM Collaboration Platform provides live updates for your COVID-19 test form processing.

Apart from getting that assurance that your data will be delivered and processed on time, with ARDEM you can also see the progress of your work in real-time.

This is made possible by our proprietary digital workplace, the ARDEM Collaboration Platform, a cloud-based digital workplace that enables you to track your progress anytime, anywhere.

You don’t even need any special software to access this platform; just open the link in your regular web browser and use your login credentials to sign in and access your personalized dashboards.

How It Works:

  • Drag and drop or simply upload the raw, unprocessed test forms with a single click into the input folders.
  • We receive a fresh batch and get started on your data immediately.
  • You can track the number of forms received from multiple locations and view their processing in real-time.
  • You can provide live feedback and leave updated instructions on the files themselves.
  • You can also use our platform as a management tool to track the volume of forms received from multiple testing sites. You can further allocate different levels of access to your management to view the status of incoming forms.
  • Once the data has been processed, it is uploaded into specified output folders in a flat file and can be downloaded with a few simple clicks.

Tracking Testing Forms

Our digital platform also allows you to track all your COVID-19 test requisition forms.

Your customised dashboards on the ARDEM Collaboration Platform will provide data in real-time while offering greater visibility into what has been scanned, uploaded, received, is being processed, and has been completed and delivered.

Additionally, you will also be creating a database that will further allow you to keep greater track of your incoming and already processed forms. Once the COVID test forms have been received or scanned, the counts are recorded and an electronic copy of each form is visible through the file manager for easy tracking and reference.

Insurance Data Processing

ARDEM also extracts, enters and processes medical insurance data.

Another important aspect of the entire testing cycle is extracting medical insurance data for proper claims processing.

One of the biggest challenges with claims processing is the need for meticulous diligence that is putting more strain on COVID-19 testing companies.

Outsourcing these tasks frees you from overburdening your current team and lets you focus on ramping up your testing capacity and improve result delivery cycles.

Our COVID Solutions

ARDEM's COVID-19 solutions aim to help you scale up your testing capacity and improve result delivery time.

  • Test Requisition Management: We receive your COVID-19 forms in batches, whether as scanned copies or images and immediately ingest them into our processing cycle to deliver your data as per your required frequency.
  • Real-Time Processing: Data from test requisition forms is completed in real-time with live tracking and the results are entered directly into your system.
  • Ensured Accuracy: We process data from COVid-19 test forms using a proprietary methodology that combines double-key data entry along with data verification and validation checks that promise close to 100% accurate data.
  • Compliance and Security: All security compliances including HIPAA, PCI, and PII are met while extracting, processing and sharing data for patient data security. We’re an ISO27001 certified data entry company and experts at keeping your data safe and secure during file transfer and at rest.

If you would like to learn more about our COVID Solutions, get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation today!

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