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Solve Medical Claims Processing Issues with Outsourcing

By Business Process Outsourcing, Business Trends, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industries, Management
Medical/insurance service providers need to assess many medical codes. It helps them determine reimbursement. Therefore, medical claims processing involves a dozen steps. There are ways to ensure accuracy and improve efficiency for this complex workflow. The most utilized solution is outsourcing medical claims management services. Medical claims processing companies can streamline the entire process.
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automation healthcare data entry

How Automation Is Changing Healthcare Data Entry

By Business Process Outsourcing, Data Entry Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences
The Healthcare sector entails a series of tasks to be accomplished efficiently and on time. The staff at Healthcare facilities is usually seen immersed in a web of functions such as patient scheduling, billing, clinical research, resource allocation, prescription management, managing claims, generating receipts, and follow-up care.
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Data Entry Services for Medical Claims Processing

The Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Data Entry Services for Medical Claims Processing

By Data Entry Services, Document Processing, Healthcare and Life Sciences
Health insurance claims processing for billing and collections can be a long process. However, it is essential to any business that pays healthcare providers. One of the most valuable data sources for healthcare organizations is medical claims. To improve the cash flow, a health care provider needs to provide extra care to the medical claim processing sector.   Read More

Tracking COVID-19 Analytics for a State Government Health Department

Tracking COVID-19 Analytics for a State Government Health Department

By Business Process Outsourcing, Healthcare and Life Sciences
One of our long-term partners, a state health department contacted ARDEM, requesting assistance with processing COVID-19 test requisition forms from multiple testing centers.

ARDEM had worked with the state health department previously as we were originally awarded a seven-year contract for the data entry from Flu Immunization Questionnaires and processing HIV data.

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