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Focus on Healthcare Success with Increased Outsourcing

By January 4, 2023April 14th, 2024No Comments
Healthcare Outsourcing 2023 blog

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed significant growth in the healthcare industry. Research suggests that the global healthcare market is poised to reach $665.37 billion by 2028.

According to Deloitte, health spending in the US will spike to $8.3 trillion by the year 2040. Many healthcare firms are now turning to outsourcing companies in the USA. Let’s learn how healthcare  outsourcing services can help the healthcare industry.

Need for Outsourcing Services in Healthcare

Enhancing Patient Data Accuracy in Healthcare

There’s been a rising demand for healthcare services. So, medical services institutions need help for various tasks. These include managing clients, processes and workforce. A study by Salesforce reveals that 47% of consumers feel healthcare companies focus more on industry needs over patient needs.

Here are the reasons why healthcare outsourcing services are rising: 

  • Healthcare firms strive to provide the best care and facilities for all their patients. They have a constraint of time and resources to manage each aspect with detail.
  • There are still many administrative and non-core tasks. Healthcare firms must check them to ensure their business runs smoothly. But hiring a large in-house team can significantly shoot up the costs.
  • The best BPO companies manage the back-end processes and technical aspects. This includes work equipment, salaries, employee training, and required certifications. They also help maintaining databases.

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing in Healthcare Industry

BPO companies can help healthcare focus on providing healthcare-related services efficiently. There are many other benefits of business process outsourcing. Here is an overview of how healthcare outsourcing companies can help: 

1. Accuracy  

Accuracy is critical in any medical setting. A simple error in a medical database from diagnosis to treatment can lead to major complications. Medical practitioners who handle such tasks manually are bound to make errors. Outsourcing companies can help manage such tasks error-free.   

3. Compliance Protocols

Healthcare companies often struggle to train their in-house personnel on compliance protocols. Healthcare outsourcing companies are bound to follow HIPAA standards. It is especially when dealing with sensitive patient information. So, healthcare companies can save on spending additional time and resources on compliance.  

4. Scalability

The onset of a virus can spike patient flow across healthcare organizations. We all witnessed this during the Covid period. Outsourcing companies provide the necessary tools to scale up their operations during such times. Also, a firm may witness a lesser demand for healthcare at times.  

Hiring a dedicated in-house team means paying them through such times. It magnifies the cost for the firm. Outsourcing a part of the operations to outsourcing companies can help here. It ensures that healthcare companies can have scalable and cost-efficient solutions. 

5. Talent Pool

Healthcare outsourcing companies have a talented pool of professionals. They help maximize efficiency and deliver cost-efficient solutions. Also, outsourcing firms continually invest in training and development programs. It helps keep their teams updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. Thus, they ensure the delivery of cutting-edge solutions.

ARDEM’s Healthcare Outsourcing Services


ARDEM is a business process outsourcing company. We provide extensive healthcare outsourcing services to our clients. We help them manage operations more efficiently while optimizing costs.  

1. Healthcare Outsourcing Solutions 

ARDEM offers healthcare and life sciences outsourcing services. We make sure to complete work with efficiency and complete accuracy. These include: 

  • Medical claims processing services 
  • Tax requisition form processing 
  • Insurance applications processing 
  • Revenue cycle management 

2. Technology and Tools

ARDEM uses the latest technological tools and advancements. This ensures accurate databases and no chances of error. These include: 

4. Data Security

ARDEM addresses data security at multiple levels. It is our standard practice for securing client data. For this, we use: 

  • VPNs 
  • SSLs 
  • PGP encryptions


Healthcare companies can outsource various operations to the best BPO companies. Thus, they can focus on providing the necessary healthcare to patients.  

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services. We optimize healthcare companies’ administrative processes. It will also reduce operational costs. So, they can focus more on providing quality patient care. Reach out to ARDEM! Witness improved service quality with our healthcare outsourcing service.