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Outsourcing Disadvantage Myth: Loss of Managerial Control Due to Outsourcing

By November 20, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments
Outsourcing Disadvantage Myth: Loss of Managerial Control Due to Outsourcing

A common concern for many businesses that are deciding to outsource is the fear of losing control of their business process. Quite often we hear of businesses that have had negative past experiences of offshore outsourcing which ended up becoming more of an outsourcing disadvantage than a cost-effective solution. So how do some businesses find success while others suffer the consequences? One of the best practices for successful outsourcing is to clearly define your process, keep an open line of communication, and have proper documentation of work.

Debunking the Outsourcing Disadvantage Myth

A good outsourcing company will be willing to explain the details of their services – are you getting a team of people who are only focused on manually typing for 8 hours straight or are you getting an entire team with a project manager and IT support? In order to provide visibility and transparency, a project manager would help manage the process, communicate any issues, and is available to chat whenever you have any questions or changes in the process. Choosing the right data entry company or business process outsourcing company requires a bit of research and communication.

What practices does an outsourcing company have in place to ensure the data that is being delivered has gone through validations and is accurate? Quality comes at a price. In a previous blog, we ask what is the impact of poor data quality in business? With the rising role of data and technology, poor data quality creates both long-term and short-term issues directly impacting your ROI. Going back to clean up data becomes time-consuming and expensive to handle in-house which also pushes back your timeline on various projects.

Another important topic of discussion would be the security processes built in place to ensure that all data handled by the outsourcing company is kept confidential. Data security should be addressed on both a physical level and a digital level, restricting access to data and increasing awareness of various security practices helps eliminate careless phishing scams. HIPAA and GDPR compliance is important when working with sensitive data and helps minimize risk.

ARDEM Helps Your Gain Better Control

Outsourcing Disadvantage Myth: Loss of Managerial Control Due to Outsourcing

Due to previous experiences, businesses are hesitant to find outsourcing partners outside the US. Rather than an outsourcing disadvantage, with clear communication and a strong outsourcing partner, outsourcing can become a useful tool in expanding business growth.

ARDEM selects a project manager from our NJ location to fully understand and manage your process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The project manager is responsible for training the offshore team, ensuring high quality and accuracy, and to meet delivery deadlines. As previously mentioned, the project manager would be the main point of contact should there be any issues or questions who will then adjust any changes with the offshore team. The benefit of having an offshore team with a US-based project manager allows you to keep operating costs low, maintain an open level of communication, and removes the difficulty of a language barrier.

Rather than an outsourcing disadvantage, ARDEM offers various methods to ensure visibility to deliver success through outsourcing.  For example, with invoices, they can be scanned and uploaded onto our secure platform to be reviewed prior to any data extraction or processing. A small sample can also be completed to show how quickly and accurately we can outsource your process. With experience in various different industries and a list of references, ARDEM ensures that our clients are satisfied with our quality of work. ARDEM will track and record when documents are received, flag any discrepancies, and provide projected timelines to help provide visibility in the outsourced process.

Want to learn more about how ARDEM can provide customized solutions for your process and reduce your current operational costs by at least 30%? Contact ARDEM today and start saving!

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