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How to Outsource Data Entry Services

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Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Data is imperative in organizations to respond to changing business environments, make informed decisions, and establish strategic goals. To cope with such dependency on data, organizations need solutions for major concerns related to data processing. These concerns include:

  1. High Error Rate: It varies from insufficient training, repetition, deletion, illegible handwritten forms to misinterpretation. Without verification, it can increase to 4%. It means two entries out of five will be incorrect. An acceptable benchmark for data entry error rate is 1% only.  
  2. Unoptimized process: An excellent manual data entry speed from documents varies between 10,000 and 15,000 keystrokes per hour. Most likely, the data entry process remains unoptimized in organizations. 
  3. Quality Check: It is an integral part of the data process. Organizations have to invest in additional personnel to ensure the accuracy of manual data entry. 
  4. Volume: A business may require to go through a large volume of data entry with successful business initiatives. It requires quick scaling that is not that easy in the case of an in-house data entry system. Such pressure may lead to an increased error rate.  

A company can outsource data entry services as a solution to these concerns.  

Key Factors to consider while deciding on a Data Entry Outsourcing Company

  • Specify Your Requirements
    It is the first step before committing to a data entry service company. You should have a clear map of your business’s data entry requirements, like your data process may require advanced calculations or specific technology (i.e. OCR – Optical Character Recognition).
  • Data Security
    Data security is the most important factor for organizations. It is necessary to check and understand the security infrastructure of the data entry service provider. Make sure it uses best practices with multiple layers of security.
  • Accuracy and Quality Levels
    Look for the audit system to detect errors and deliver accurate data and check for a dual key system. It would be wise to partner with a company that is offering automated data entry services that result in higher accuracy, i.e., 99.97%. If you are particular about your set quality standards, you can ask the service provider to follow them.
  • Technological Infrastructure
    You must be wishing to partner with advanced automation but quickly adaptable technologies. It helps for quick and speedy data processing.
  • On-Time Delivery
    Ensure that the service provider assures you of 100% on-time delivery and assist even with the increased data volume during the scaleup phase. 
  • Industry Experience
    You can outsource to a well-established data entry service provider. It can help you with all sorts of data entry challenges with the right talent and technology. An experienced partner knows how to handle data in line with the client’s goals.

Industries and Data Entry Services

Organizations make considerable efforts and make high-cost investments in developing data management strategies. An outsourcing partner can assist you with various data entry services without huge costs. Data entry services list include:  

  • Online and Offline Data Entry  
  • Image Data Entry 
  • Quickbooks Data Entry  
  • Insurance and Claims Data Entry  
  • Utility and Invoice Data Entry  
  • Catalog Data Entry  
  • Data Extraction  
  • CRM Data Entry 
  • ERP Data Entry   
  • High-Volume Data Entry

Outsource Data Entry Services by Industry

Here are the data entry services examples across Industries: 

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences – Medical Claims Processing, Test Requisition Form Processing, Insurance Applications, Medical Coding and Billing Services.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain – Bill of Lading entry and processing, Freight Bill entry and processing, Order Fulfillment – shipping labels creation, order entries, and invoice processing.   
  • Utilities and Energy – Utility bill data collection, processing, auditing, and analysis.
  • Finance & Accounting – Automated data collection from vendor invoices, physical mail, digital bills, and web scraping.  
  • Retail – Sales Order Processing, Order Data Enrichment, Processing and verifying rebate claims, Processing orders.

Most organizations outsource to a business processes outsourcing company to accomplish the main objective of improved cost-efficiency. You can outsource data entry services with the renowned BPO service provider – ARDEM for better ROI.  

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