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Non-Profit Organizations NPO Outsource

Why Do Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) Outsource Their Back-Office Work?

By Industries, Management
A Non-Profit Organization (NPO), in contrast to a usual profit-making business, is incorporated and executed to provide services for societal, public, and communal benefit. Unlike regular organizations, these entities do not run to earn a profit. Any excess of revenue over expenditures does not go to the private parties and is used to fulfill the organization’s mission and objectives.

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Accounts Payable Outsourcing

How ARDEM AP Outsourcing Can Kickstart Your Accounts Payable Savings?

By Business Process Outsourcing, Financial and Accounting, Financial Services
In the quest for global value creation and higher performance, corporations always need to be on the lookout for waste reduction activities. To manage the processes efficiently, numerous options are available in the market with the latest technology and automation. To understand how these latest technologies can help your company and keep accounts payable at the core of efficiency, read on to learn more. Read More

trucking companies

4 Tasks Trucking Companies Can Outsource

By Logistics
Trucking companies outsource many back-office tasks to improve their operational efficiency. Back-Office tasks such as data entry, freight bill processing, logistics need to be managed. Trucking companies have many recurring tasks such as order fulfillment, tracking various shipments, collecting payments from their clients, paying their employees and drivers.  Read More

Managing Remote Teams for Logistics Outsourcing

Managing Remote Teams for Logistics Outsourcing

By Business Process Outsourcing, Logistics
With virtual collaboration and remote work becoming the norm rather than the exception, businesses are swiftly turning to high-performance remote teams as a way of boosting efficiency. This, in turn, has created a corresponding need to create smarter ways of managing remote teams for productivity and success.

As a crucial service sector, logistics operations must have the ability to continue uninterrupted despite any disruptions or even unprecedented situations. Apart from the physical journey itself, there is an extensive trail of paperwork that needs to be verified, processed and delivered on time to execute a successful logistics run.

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