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Data Entry Services

Data can come in various forms – paper, electronic, or even from images. This is why businesses look towards outsourcing to streamline all data entry to be delivered in a flat file or entered directly into a database. Check out ARDEM’s blog for more on Data Entry Services!

Outsourcing Data Capture Enhance Data for Your Business?

How can Outsourcing Data Capture Enhance Data for Your Business?

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Documents contain a vast amount of data which can be utilized for important decisions to increase business growth. As volumes of documents increase so does the need for quick and accurate data. Outsourcing data capture can be performed in an automated and manual process to ensure that all of the data is accurate and of high quality. Read More

online data entry

Online Data Entry Services

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The internet has a wide variety of data sources that can be compiled and converted through data entry into a database for businesses to utilize. Online data entry uses a combination of data mining, data extraction, and web research to transform data for a variety of purposes. We provide online data entry services for survey processing, rebates processing, claims processing, invoice processing,  and more! Read More

outsourcing logistics

Outsourcing Logistics Helps Improve Visibility of Operations

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One of the greatest challenges in logistics is maintaining good supply chain visibility through the multiple providers and carriers. Outsourcing logistics can help bridge the gap and improve visibility.

According to KPMG’s 2014 Global Manufacturing Outlook Report, it states that 40% of supply chains lack visibility across their operations.

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