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Data Entry Services

Data can come in various forms – paper, electronic, or even from images. This is why businesses look towards outsourcing to streamline all data entry to be delivered in a flat file or entered directly into a database. Check out ARDEM’s blog for more on Data Entry Services!

Test Requisition Forms Data Entry

Serving Healthcare Industry with Accurate Data Entry From Test Requisition Forms

By Data Entry Services

Data Entry is required to transcribe the data from the Test Requisition Form into the Laboratory Information Management System. To reduce cycle time for the specimen test process data entry much must be done quickly and accurately. You do not want the lab to be waiting on data entry to be completed. As long as volume of tests is small data entry tasks are manageable but what if the volume exceeds a few hundred tests every day. You want all the data to be keyed- accurate addresses, accurate data for billing and accurate data on tests to be performed.

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data entry services like buying bread

Why Outsourcing Data Entry Service is still like buying a loaf of Bread

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Outsourcing Data Entry Service is a natural and logical choice.

In my last article I asked-When was the last time you baked your own loaf of bread? Or, stitched your own clothes? Or grow your own food? We really would never think of doing any of these because it is more efficient use of our time to buy the bread from the grocery, or buy the dress at the store. In effect we are quite happy outsourcing these tasks.

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